Cordon Noir Photographic Memories 1997

At Hyatt Hotel, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Executive Gourmet Faehndrich's (centre)
final Induction
(left to right) Heinz Kohler,Gerhard Henrich, Ralf Bungard and Gunter Grigoleit


Executive Gourmet Robert Fierz at Petra Movenpick Hotel , Jordanien.
New Cordon Noirians from left to right
Jodok Greber , Thomas Marques, Eulogio Gumabon and Hazem Arabiat except Armin Hunziker not in Photo.


Paolo E. Fill inducted Elmar Pichorner to professional Gourmet just last minutes before departing to China
Ceremony held at the meditarranean Restaurant in Kuta , Bali - Indonesia

I know, M. Boyd and B. Neumann, that the Winter is warm
after all that hot staff there on Beijing's frozen lake "Mieyuon"
at Cordon Noir , China

A Kuwait-Austrian Treff in Veit / Austria
two Executive Gourmets at three Hauben Restaurant Puckelsheim
(from left to right) Heimo Leitgeb & Wife , Winfried Pichorner & Wife and Mr.Puckelsheim

so Thomas Kassemek, now you are a real Cordon Noirian and also our Cordon Noir Travel Agent
inducted in Singapore at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort

Winfried Pichorner arranged that Austrian-Bali Executive Gourmet Treff
in Veit , Austria
( left to right ) Winfried Pichorner, an Austrian Charm and Paolo E. Fill

>a substantial trio<
Cordon Noir in Kuala Lumpur brings back many memories
110.000,00 Malaysian Ringgit collection in the aid "Children of Aids",
the heart breaking speech by Executive Gourmet Richard Monaghan (right) ,
fantastic organisation by Cordon Noirian Max Pleyer (left), 110 VIP Guest and a lot of fun that night at the Hilton Hotel
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Cordon Noir at the Hunting House of historical VIP's
the Jagt und Sport Hotel Gabelbach , Ilmenau in Germany
at right Cordon Noirian Karl Gaydoul and myself after a superb Lunch

Look all new Cordon Noirian here at Schassbergers Hotel in Ebnisee
Schwaebisch Alp in Germany
(from left to right)
Executive Gourmet Ernst Ulrich Schassberger, Walter Doering, Manuela von Kube, Hugues Goisbault
myself and Frau Schassberger

Executive Gourmet Hans Juergen Kerscher inducted Timor Boland
in Hamburg's Havana Launch

New happy Cordon Noirian Liane Peters Breitbach
at Herner-Westig , Germany

Stefan Rossmann came specially,to join Cordon Noir, from Germany to Singapore.
A fantastic night with great food , wine and Cordon Noirian Friends.
(from left to right) Nelly Rolles, Stefan Rossmann,
Tan Kim Seng, Patrick Lau and myself

Joanne( left ) and Richard Monaghan ( right ) congratulating the newly inducted Couple
Francois G. and Karen S.L. Sigrist at the Penang Equatorial Hotel
in Malaysia


Martin Brugger (left) helps Executive Gourmet Richard Monaghan ( right)
with the Induction of Rolf Berthold at the Pepino Restaurant , Shangri-La's Golden Sand Resort
in Penang , Malaysia


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