Cordon Noir Photographic Memories 1996

Mac Saw , Fritz Klug and my self at the Cordon Noir Cebu Adventure

Pink Bali , Cordon Noir in Kartika Plaza Hotel in Bali / Indonesia
Paolo and Elmar - you sure know how to organise Parties!!!

Cordon Noirian Flor , Pichorner and Sauritschnig in Veith / Austria

Mr. Azalini and H.J.Kerscher at the Berlin, Germany's itroduction

Martin Brugger and Frank Naesheim preparing the starters for the
first Singapore Cordon Noir

at Bali Uns Restaurant. Was it the Kitchen or the Photographer updown side up by Cordon Noir, Indonesia

Style in Berlin at H.J.Kerschers domaine

Richard Monaghan joined the Cordon Noir in Penang's Eden Seafood Restaurant

Cordon Noir Year End party at the Park Royal Hotel
Penang / Malaysia

Richards first Induction - Robert See from Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Saudi Arabia, the Domaine of ( far right ) Manfred Bernhard

our Friends from Beijing / China

Ernst Ulrich Schassberger with old and new Friends in Ebnisee / Germany

Paolo E Fill induction at the Bali Padama Hotel Daniel Arbenz / Indonesia


this was 1996

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