Rules & Regulations
on how to become a Gourmet of the world's largest non-financial gourmet club the
"Cordon Noir".


You plan the most outstanding, only once in a life time, Cordon Noir dinner that you will personally organize and pay - food, drink and other costs for a minimum of six persons including the President/Founding Gourmet  or replaced by country Executive Gourmet in charge and Spouse if attend also Vice President which induct you after a satisfying event dinner charged to you but all other attending Executives and attending Gourmets are chargeable .

Induction ceremony will be conducted immediately after the dinner and it will be the most formal part of the Event. You will be presented during the induction with a diploma, a medal and a pin, same time you will join the member listing at

Prior to the event, a onetime postage fee of USD100.00 is applicable (annual newsletter daily updated web, event invitations and travel information).

After that night you are been a full member of the worldwide known gourmet society club Cordon Noir founded 1988 in Beijing by Jochen Kern in China. The Cordon Noir's logo displaid category the center logo triangle symbolizes spiritually equal on all sides - professional, half-professional or non-professional.
The green and yellow lines in a round circle symbol for natural fresh food served at the Cordon Noir Globe. Caviar symbol shows the Caviar must include at any dinner.

The Cordon Noir is a non financial "friendship" gourmet club dedicated to the finer side of living that is guaranteed through the "Caviar must policy". Caviar of any kind and form must be included in the induction menu !

If Cordon Noir Dinners occure without induction also the committee will pay like all individuals price of attendance and not breaking the  spirit of Cordon Noir.

Category criteria are :- Create and cook for professional gourmets
  Create and help cooking or serving for half professional gourmets
  Create and enjoy for non professional gourmets

The title Executive Gourmet is not a Member Category but an appointed responsibility and non-transferable !


The Cordon Noir is a non-fee membership club

Please fill the application form if you like to join our Cordon Noir Gourmet Club
only after you understood the rules and regulations.
Possibility on joining will be send to you shortly!

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