30 Years .. Cordon Noir .. since 1988

The Cordon Noir is a non financial Gourmet Club without membership fee. Founded by Professional Jochen Kern that time stationed in Beijing China at the Holiday Inn Lido Hotel, Half Professional Hobby Cook Peter Schweiger also that Time stationed in Beijing as a Computer Specialist and Non Professional Dieter Abele a Building Engineer still leaving in Beijing.

A dinner hosted by half professional Peter Schweiger , an unbelievable good Cook, gave Jochen Kern the idea of creating this today the globe surrounding Gourmet Club.

The opening Dinner was held at the Marco Restaurant of the Holiday Inn Lido Hotel January the 7,1988, exactly one week after the fantastic meal served in Peter Schweiger's House. Regulations are fixed and the first Diploma written by a Chinese -non English speaking - Artist. The Logo, at the same Time presented, marking the round shape of the globe, the even triangle of non -half-and professional Gourmet, the Sturgeon and the word of CAVIAR as a quality sign for the club and the green lines to the yellow contrast symbolizes freshness of the Cordon Noir.

the 1st. Diplomas January 7, 1988

the Founder's 1988 from left to right ...
Dieter Abele , Jochen Kern and Peter Schweiger

Regulation from that first day in January 1988 never changed and will stay if possible: Every Dinner must include Caviar, Creativity and Beverage. A professional Gourmet will cook and pay the Dinner, a half-professional Gourmet will help cooking and pay the Dinner and a non-professional Gourmet will pay the Dinner.Since the opening Dinner was attended by spouses the figure on minimum six person appeared, per new Cordon Noirian or twelve diners for two new Cordon Noirian and so on are fixed and must not be changed.

A newsletter was implemented 3 Years later and a membership fee for lifetime of today
US $ 100 established. Also with that came, after four years , the medals, membership cards, pins, sticker and proper Diplomas - hot stamped and sealed by one of the founder. To grow, the Cordon Noir, is was necessary to create Executive Gourmets who are entitled to induct new Cordon Noirian in different parts of the world.

At any Dinner the inducting Executive Gourmet and Spouse or Founder and Spouse are not billed. A small token for presenting of medal, membership card, pin, sticker and diploma. The Executive Gourmet, appointed by me personal, similar to Founder's doing the work free of charge and just for fun.

When started our website cordonnoir.com 20 years ago the news and informations about our Cordon Noir Gourmet Club is updated daily, you will find also a non stop updated Job search helping our gourmet society free of charge stay in that wealthy life every body should enjoy. Upcoming Gourmet Travel is also prepared visiting cordon noirian annual and promoted at cordonnoir.com with great success.  370 Members worldwide inducted in 30 countries made Cordon Noir really a international society over the past 28 years! The passworth is only protecting our member address listing.

Cordon Noirian who dont know open that page just give me a mail and your passworth and user worth will be posted to you by e mail.

I wish yo fun reading and be entertained with our web site cordonnoir.com

President and Founder Jochen Kern

by queries jk@cordonnoir.com

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