Cordon Noir Photographic Memories 1994

Cordon Noir on the Horse Track through the Schwaebisch Alp in Germany
Horseman Schassberger followed by Manfred Bernhard and all the new Cordon Noirians

Heiner Werdeling's (right) Pirate Attack at Langkawi's Sheraton Hotel
in Malaysia - here with Jeane Lim and Chuck Stiteler

China's annual tribute at Moevenpick Hotel Beijing

Kurt Scheller catches his own Sevruga Sturgeon and consumed the Fish and Caviar at the Warszawa Bristol Hotel in Poland

Cordon Noir Gourmet Rally Through West Malaysia, morning breakfast at Sungai Perak highway stop / Stressful drive, but for sure memorable!

Cordon Noirian Thomas Kessler and Dieter Abele Preparing the Induction in Beijing Moevenpick Hotel while Rachel Love concentrating.

Paolo E. Fill created that Cordon Noir Night in Malacca Village Resort

Mac Saw joined Cordon Noir in Penang's Rasa Sayang Resort / Malaysia

Cordon Noirian Max Pleyer hosted our Journey to Bangkok's Delta Pacific Hotel

10th. December 1994 induction of Steve Alexander, Hans Doppe and Benny Neumann
in Beijing


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