Like a lucky Dream
Jochen Kern

1998 - 2002 Singapore

In the Hands of the Dragon

1988 After the Sentosa time and just after that great Cordon Noir anniversary party and survival of the Trans Siberia Train rite.

Lucky finding a job at Eddies Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore in this South East Asian economical turmoil.

Eddie Tan, my friend from the previous Penang Chaine des Rotisseur committee helped me to get the executive chef position in his beautiful hotel at the Raffles Boulevard , opposite Suntec Singapore .

The Singapore Chefs Association Commitee

576 rooms with the most outstanding architectural lobby (not only in Singapore but whole South East Asia), with an atrium which opens your mouth and keeping your breathe by just looking. Where god speaks personal to you at that day when the sunshine drops trough the roof window 21 stories above make you thinking of just arriving in paradise. This Marina Mandarin is actually more then a hotel. I don’t know how to subscribe better then as just a beautiful place.

Eddie is the through leader with full control of all section (sometimes a little loud but for sure right). Great to work with somebody responsible like him and not pushing the bug, if something done wrong lets correct it, never mind budget or this other entire miner bureaucratic or human handicaps.

F & B Director, strictly under the leadership of Eddie behaved a little different, he was that type of human able going through life by pushing the bug without taken that ownership and own personality in stating right or wrong.
For me that was not a problem as for many others in this superb hotel, Wilson pushed many high qualified hotel employee over the edge which forced them to leave the hotel. Sad yes but this is the way how some folks comes to the top.

I personal need no higher top then my chef’s position which fully satisfy me and so also for Wilson there was no competition from my side but cooperation to the maximum.

A kitchen brigade of 84 was shrink to 56 over the past 4 years controlled by Edwin the Human Resources Man without jeopardizing the quality, was the big task. Just a need for Owner or Profitability. The satisfaction, in this economic down pure. House keeper Nancy, pure Girl was hit tuff at nearly all the meetings and the Chief engineer just keep on hanging in at his retiring age.

Cordon Noir with 32 Dinner over 4 years in and out of the hotel was growing. The Public Relation on our food & beverage production inside the hotel plus out side catering which was pulling over the whole Singapore market from Istana (Presidential Palace)for the Indonesian Prime Minister to National stadium for Liverpool Football and the Rugby seven, from Singapore Food Festival to Indoor stadium for shows like buddy, riverdance or singing in the rain just to mention a few, from Esplanade to Government functions like NATO general and presidents from around the world, navy admirals and army meetings from the pacific region, and and and. Expressions like when the blind premier Gus of Indonesia stopped the elevator after a Indonesian lunch which gave him that long missed mother feelings and forced him to share his feelings with the chef, me, before other state business. Just great and the best of all with the same theme of chef's cooking in compassion without complain. This motivated, fun loving chefs brigade made it all possible. When sometimes this chefs (under leadership of my assistant Abraham and entertained by Robert and Amin. Backed up by Franky and Chef Joe the wedding champion chef of Singapore handling annual around 400 weddings with an average of 300 Person) nearly broken after 16 hours work there was still smiling and for sure join me for a drink at my office at midnight before going home to tell there wife's the fantastic achievements of the day.

Chef from Brewerks & Friend Yong at the Food Festival

FC Daniel was smiling by all this effort and incoming revenue which with the help of f&b cost control Sam fit to foodcost, our hotel was strong. Front Office Demien and later Jo can be really proud on there Occupancy and diplomatic handling on delicate guests. 5 star yes maybe a little more. Our Coffee house food was outstanding and chef Foo made it that way. Chef Lau from the Chinese restaurant was the right man never mind been chopped off after years of input and all the others like Helen, Poh, Arthur, Kelvin and ,and,and all the others were fantastic to work with. No matter overtime or tuff job the fun played all negative though down to enjoyment and pride of achievement.
This Team generated the Singapore Oyster Champion, the gold medal winning Regional team, the action at the Chinese Chefs Association and the PR function at the Singapore Chefs Association, the fun part with that Jassy Lamb at the Singapore Jazz festival and the 3000 Otah Otah at the Singapore Food Festival.

Actually 4 years is so long that this page would not permit to right all.
I can not miss the great time after work at Pasier panjang Village with Matahari, Lucerne and Hua's music night sessions which I really miss. Sundays Tennis with Trevor and group at our Villa de West estate and Wednesday Paulaner by Henry, just to mention a few highlights of the week.

Marina Mandarin Lobby

Marina Mandarin Hotel

Budies at Paulaner
Senf,my self, Sam and Geordano

German Visit left and right
Schassberger and centre Paolo E Fill and Feh

Chefs Table with all our friends

Christmas Sensations

Lobby view

Chef Lee with his vegt. carving

Oyster Champs before leaving to Irland

My Stars with Liverpool cups

The first farmed Bordeaux Sturgeon in Singapore for Chaine des Rotisseurs here with David Cheong

Cordon Noir for Mr. Tan at " Lucerne"
at Susan's

Chef Robert with Family
models for the Tent package

Frank Naesheim Lutefisk
at Chefs table

Final night by Nelly
with Rudi, Paolo, Feh and Dolly

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