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Some News on Caviar Market

Latest News about American Caviar from Chef  Daniel Boulud take a look at Cordon Noir  News

Newest Addition in Malaysia


....beside Chinese Amur Sturgeon also Mississippi Paddle Fish is farmed in Perak / Malaysia
I looking forward coming year for the first domestic caviar harvest.....
.....the future looks great for Cordon Noir.

click this link to see the production of Paddlefish Caviar

Prime all the way

freshness twice must be aphrodisiac
>Caviar Chef Josephine and the crisp quality of Caviar<
Caviar Brunch at the Marina Mandarin Singapore special that Spanish Black Gold & British Vodka Noir

Caviar Yu Sheng gives that special crisp touch to Chinese New Year
created by Jochen Kern at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore

I  am Chef Jochen Kern, founder of the Cordon Noir Gourmet Club, 
happy communicate some facts on caviar .
Cordon Noir events around the world over the past 28 years produced a knowledge on Caviar that I like to share with you.

Not to kill but consume Caviar many times

click here , see Sturgeon sustainability

Human hart work, passion & creativity keeping the Sturgeon alive !!!

" in the year 2030  42 % off all caviar consume will be from farmed Sturgeon
compare 2012 just 26% "


Autum 2015 Caviar Prices in Malaysia

1 kg  farmed Korean  Almas Caviar US 2900-3800

Chinese Sibirean Wild Ocietra 500 gm RM 3500


a fine caviar roulade presentation , caviar with sour cream and chives in blinis
Cordon Noir Gala Dinner quality

To study caviar is not an one time study , ongoing changes through politic , world weather , economics , pollution and handling practices change also the product ongoing. Ongoing quality comparison like possible in our Cordon Noir society are a way to establish and keep caviar know-how up to date.
Samples For Quality changes: 1997, the quality improvement of Chinese Manchurian Beluga Caviar from the black dragon river Northeast of Mongolia can beat today any Russian by politic and corruption battled Caviar.
Quality drop is possible by Iranian Caviar this Year, non or low sales through over-pricing and over storage placed already this Year older quality on the market.
This are only two samples on product change influence and there are many more.

It is not the matter how you or a country specify Caviar ,
Fish eggs , Fish roe or so on, in our Cordon Noir Gourmet Club all eggs
from fish called Caviar and as so fixed in our guide lines and rules

Caviar presentation a la Berlin Inter Continental / seagrapes presentation with sour cream

The main or top caviar's in the world market are from the arcade fish , Sturgeon.
No1 Beluga Caviar from the up to 1000kg big Beluga sturgeon aged of 100 years and older
No 2 Ossetra Caviar from the up to 50 kg heavy ossetra sturgeon. Ossetra is spelled in each book or lecture
differently Ossetra , Ocietra , Ozetra..... all meaning is the same but different spelling comes from different pronunciation in different languages!
No 3 the finer (half priced compare to beluga) Sevruga Caviar from the sevruga sturgeon
normal that by smaller fish also the egg size decreased , the biggest pearls are the priciest

A sturgeon produce 10- 20% Caviar of the female weight, annual, and starts production
(getting adult and been able to carry roe) caviar between 13 to 15 Years
(8 years in south America)

lobster cocktail in balsamico oil with caviar sour-cream dressing / Borneo salted seagrapes


Beluga Sturgeon
the largest sturgeon weight up to a ton and produce 100kg beluga caviar

Sevruga is the smallest top sturgeon Caviar

Ocietra Sturgeon with the super medium size Ocietra Caviar

variety is endless
10 years ago in Beijing we catered a VIP function at the Ming Tomb for the chairman of Chrysler, Mr. Lee Iacocca.
I served seven can x 1.6 kg Beluga which real surprised this top world leader in business.
Every can carefully selected showed an different colour screen , from golden brown over grey ,
real silver to dark black. In America unbelievable, such a choice.
That time I purchase 1200 kg beluga caviar in Harbin / China .
By choosing every can personally you are able to find such a rare assortment suitable
for special peoples like Mr. Iacocca who appreciated an exciting, once in a life time, experience.
Each colour summed up with a different taste . A fantastic experience on fresh Caviar.

I found out over the years that caviar from fat ,well feet fish, is light in colour, brownish or golden.
Summarizing: every caviar change his colour by individual specie depending prey and ecology of water and surrounding.

Chinese Tsar Nichollai Beluga Caviar

Manifold Sturgeon Existence( 1998 )

Species -
Familie Acipenseridae
English Name Distribution
Acipenser baerii Siberian Sturgeon Main Rivers Siberia
Acipenser baerii barerii Siberian Sturgeon Ob River basin
Acipenser baerii stenorhynchus Lena River Sturgeon Basins of East Siberian River, Lena,
Yenisey, Indigirka, Anadyr
Acipenser baerii baicalensis Baikal Sturgeon Lake Baikal
Acipenser brevirotstom Shortnose Sturgeon Rivers and Ocean along east coast of North America, from Indian River to St. John River
Acipenser dabryanus Yangtze or Dabry's Sturgeon Yangtze River System
Acipenser fulvescens Lake Sturgeon Great Lakes of Southern Cananda
Acipenser Gueldenstaedti Russian Sturgeon /
Black Sea , Azov, Caspian and Rivers entering into them
as Danube, Dnepr, Volga, Ural e.g.
Acipenser medriostris Green Sturgeon Pacific Coast of North America from Aleutian Islands and Golf of Alaska to Ensenada , Mexico
Acipenser mikaido Sakhalin Sturgeon Pacific Ocean from Amur River to Northern Japan, Korea and Bering Sea, Tumin River
Acipenser naccari Adriatic Sturgeon Adriatic Sea, Po and Adige River
Acipenser nudiventris Ship Sturgeon Aral, Caspian, Black Sea and entering Rivers
Acipenser oxyrinchus Atlantic Sturgeon Atlantic Ocean ( Canada , USA )
Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi Gulf Sturgeon Gulf of Mexico and northern coast of South America
Acipenser o. oxyrinchus Atlantic Sturgeon East coast North America from Florida to Hamilton
Acipenser persicus Persian Sturgeon Caspian and Black Sea , entering Rivers
Acipenser ruthenus Sterlet Drainages of main rivers entering the Black & Caspian sea
Acipenser schrencki Amur River Sturgeon Amur River System
Acipenser sinensis Chinese Sturgeon Yangtze River
Acipenser stellatus Sevruga Caspian, Azov, Black + Aegean Seas and Rivers entering
into them
Acipenser sturio Atlantic Sturgeon Baltic, Eastern North America, Mediterranean, Black Sea
Acipenser transmontanus White Sturgeon Rivers and Pacific Coast of North America from Alaska to Baja
Acipenser huso dauricus Kaluga Sturgeon Amur River system
Acipenser Huso Huso Giant Sturgeon
Beluga Sturgeon
Caspian,Black,Adriatic Sea and Rivers entering into them
Syr-Dar Shovelnose Sturgeon Syr-Dar River ( Kazakhstan, Central Asia )
small Amu-Dar Shovelnose Amu-Darya River ( Uzbekistan )
large Amu-Dar Shovelnose Amu-Darya River ( Uzbekistan )
Scaphirhynchus albus Pallid Sturgeon Missouri and Mississippi basins
Scaphirhynchus platorynchus Shovelnose Sturgeon Missouri and Mississippi basins
Scaphirhynchus suttkusi Alabama Sturgeon Mobil Basin in Alabama
Family Polyodontidae Polyodon spathula North American Paddlefish Mississippi River System and Missouri and its tributaries
Psephurus gladius Chinese Paddlefish Yangtze River


Saving Extinction 

Some mayor farms came up with production of great caviar (ocietra size pearls) developed to that mild salt  "Malosol" taste crunchy and flavour highest standard.   

take a look.....

the latest Caviar from Switzerland


click the pic to see that beautiful movie on youtube


at Korean Almas Caviar





caviar sofar you see!!!!


...or Calvisius Sturgeon Farm in Italy

superb quality of sturgeon and caviar

...or  Caviar from USA at the Sturgeon farm of Stolt Norway


One more from Spain the Ecologic Farm Riofrio

Caviar Sizes


you like to order :

Golden Russian ImperialKalugal  Paddlefish  Premium-Siberian 

Royal Imperial  Royal-Schrenckii  Royal-White-Sturgeon Whitefish-Gold-Caviar

What other caviar's?
After this highly priced selection we come to the delicious crispy
Lumpfish caviar

Trout caviar

Moon fish caviar

Flying fish caviar ....

Salmon Caviar

The best I ever tried : Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar 
from Tasmania /  Australia

a small summery of Salmon Caviar from Ali Kimiai of the Salmon Caviar Company Seattle, Washington
Chum Salmon caviar: widely used by Japanese clientele and is available in volume. Orange color and about 6 mm in diameter.
Traditionally Chum is the most expensive type.
King Salmon caviar: Not available at all time and the price is slightly less than chum. Deep orange color and larger than chum. Some European clients prefer this over chum.
Silver salmon caviar: Smaller than chum. Deep red color, more flavor. Price is less than King. Favorable among the Russian clients.
Pink Salmon Caviar: Smaller than Silver. Same color and taste as Chum. It brings the cheapest price and also favorable among Russians because of the low price. The quality is not that great.
Steelhead Caviar: Very few available. The season is from January to March and sold at the same price as chum. Same color as chum and same size as pink. The flavor and quality is superb.
All the above mentioned products are organic. There are Salmon Caviar made from farmed salmon which I do not recommend neither  do I work with them, although they are good medicine since they are full of Antibiotic and Hormones.
Thanks Ali

American golden caviar from the Mississippi
Paddle fish

, pike caviar, herring caviar
and so on..
not to be missed the American
Bowfin Caviar

It comes from the Bowfin fish(Amia Calva);sometimes referred to as cypress trout, grinnel, but most
Louisiana fisherman call it "Choupique" (pronounced Shoepick). 
The egg is a shiny black berry, closely resembling the American sturgeon. 
It very clean and nicely separated.

so if you like to order American Caviar here is your link

Thanks for the beautiful Photos " Perlita Farmed Caviar from France "
Caviar d'Aquitaine

mild salted loose eggs , delight taste in size range of >>Sevruga

Caviar lovers tastes and individual Spending Powers are different.
Friendly speaking there is a market for all ,
it is not the dollar but the taste which counts.

choice is difficult by so many products / your taste decided

Caviar amount are 10% of Fish weight at harvest time

A Caviar is named any time in combination to fish-name or country name.

Malossol is not a name but a statement in Russian language for mild salted

The art of
salting is the premium importance for quality, natural beside the hygiene,
salt between 5% and 6.5 % keeps caviar conserved and did not salt-burn taste buds.
Any amount of salt below have no conservation factors and make the product non capable for storage,
it may spoil the product in a few day's. Any amount above the 6.5 % make the Caviar to salty and dry.

Storage of caviar is between Celsius -2 and Celsius -10
Storage for fresh non repack caviar is 1 year

Caviar harvest is between April and August (Spring and Autumn at farmed sturgeon)
and it is only true the salting possible to eat year round this beautiful
aphrodisiac pearls

don't think about magic , just get fresh by this beauty

Aphrodisiac, yes the caviar pearl simply exist from protein , nutrition and minerals
aphrodisiac .. for sure in mind , who ... fresh... strong , feels great .
The mankind's dream of power and ever lasting
comes through with a few pearls of caviar , worth to try!

like here in Bali, Caviar fit in any place / a tropical starter for Cordon Noir

how to eat
Well all it is up to you, but to prevent a chemical reaction with your eating tools
just keep silver and gold away from the table , cutlery is normally from horn , bone or mother of pearl
and the dishes from glass . Caviar is served on ice , really chilled but not frozen.

how to get the salt taste away is a question specially by Asian peoples
first choose the right drink , Vodka or dry Champagne
and then
used the right trimmings
trimmings which enhanced the caviar taste and cut down the salt bite
like Sour Cream , Lemon , Grated Boiled Egg , Chopped Onion , Chive ,
Blinis ( yeast proofed pan-fried Pancakes), new Potato or
a small thin crispy potato pancake ( grated potato , onion , egg )
.....for Recipe touch the Recipe-book down this page....

it fit perfect for a event on ice like here by Cordon Noir China

How to fillet a Sturgeon

how to feel the freshness
put a small amount of caviar on your tongue , if you are able to roll the pearls means that the cell structure is firm and the Caviar is fresh ,
if it breaks like a mousse means the caviar is from older catch.

a simple modern and clean Caviar Presentation with poached Quail eggs , rolled stuffed Blinis with sour cream & Chive
Beluga Caviar served on ice with chilled Smirnoff Noir Vodka

Packing and quality
The best packing is since old times till today the rubber sealed can ,
the can is just pressed together, sealed by an elastic rubber band and chilled . Remove the rubber seal and brush the can with cold water. Slowly turning and lifting of the cover will keep the "mirror" on caviar top
which shows a professional caviar service. Jus running out from the rubber sealing is not a sign of spoiled
but normal , just brush it with cold water away.

The second but lower quality is the
pasteurized package
mostly used in airlines , by pulling the lift lock you will find a equal but a bit lower moist caviar

The vacuum glasses for 1 ounce and 50 gram
are open with a coin , there are ideal if you need portion control!

Caviar Class in Beijing ,
Beluga Head of a 1000 kg Sturgeon purchase from the National Store in Harbin / North China

Joachim Textor found that special Caviar in Paris

This is the seldom found Persian Albino- or Golden Caviar from Astara / Paris

how to feel a caviar is spoiled
Visual by colour change to green shine, maybe Smell and
Taste will be a soda style bubbling trickle on your tongue
non consumable!!!


Since 1998 caviar has been controlled under "CITES"
(Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species)
and no Sturgeon Caviar without certification should be used
if you believe in keeping this specialty at your and your children's table!


Russian Caviar in Russia ? Don't dream about it !
Different to the export Quality . At our 10th Anniversary travel with the Trans Siberia Train a disappointment on Caviar quality in that " Caviar Country " occurs a few times.
Lucky the can colour was the same, to be able to identify Beluga ( blue ) Ossetra ( yellow ) or Sevruga ( red )
since the language of Russian is for English speaking Folks not possible.
Here are some sample cover from Moscow , which was the best in whole Russia compare the in oil preserved , but equally packed, Caviar in Siberia . A lousy like dry-out crisp disappointment !

after have reading all this, you are ready for some
Caviar Recipes

click the recipe book

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