Cordon Noir's celebrated Caviar Recipe


Blinis Roulade with Manchurian Ossetra Caviar

ingredients for 4 person  
Buck wheat flour 80 gram  
Egg yolk 1 PCs  
Milk 40 gram  
Caviar 100 gram  
Chive 10 gram
Onion 20 gram  
Sour-cream 40 gram  
Butter 10 gram  


#1. Pan-fry blinis pancakes in butter or pork fat. Blinis batter made from milk , egg , Buckwheat flour

#2. Caviar-sour-cream stuffing : fold caviar , sour cream , fine cut chives and chopped onion

#3. Spread stuffing lightly on blinis pancake

#4. Roll to a nice Roulade ( not to tight )

#5. Cut into 1,5 cm thick slices and place on plate

#6. Garnish with cherry tomato , lettuce and lemon

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe


Smoked Belvedere Salmon with horseradish sour cream dip and beluga


place clean lean skinless salmon fillets for 4 Hour in rock salt, place in running water for 1 Hour and dry for 30 minutes.
moisten with walnut oil and sprinkle with fine maple sugar.
cold maple wood smoke for 2 Hours.
for the dip  you fold fresh sour cream, fresh grated horse radish , chopped onion, fresh ground black pepper and a hint salt.

top dressing with beluga caviar and serve.

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe

Hot smoked Sturgeon, warm Potato salad and Horse radish sour cream with Ocietra caviar


marinate fresh farmed sturgeon fillets ( Bordeaux ) same like Belvedere salmon.
moisten with hazelnut oil and season with paprika powder, black pepper and thyme.
hot smoke by 70 Celsius for 45 minutes in pinewood smoke.

serve with warm potato salad made from bacon-onion roux, vinegar, milk , chopped pickles and potato
season with nutmeg, salt and pepper.
add sour cream horse radish with beluga caviar.

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe

Home smoked Belvedere Salmon with Chinese Beluga Caviar, Hash brown potato and Horse radish sour cream


see recipe of Belveder at top belvedere salmon dish


Cordon Noir Crunch from Beluga Caviar & Salmon

Ingredients for 4 Person
Puff pastry 250 gram
Sour-cream 100 gram
Whipped cream 50 gram
Smoked Salmon 40 gram
Caviar 100 gram
Onion 20 gram
Dill 10 gram
Horseradish 10 gram


#1. Bake two puff pastry sheets to golden brown, sized 10cm x 40 cm and half cm thick
( frozen puff pastry can be purchase ready in any grocery shop )

#2. Cut each sheet horizontally in two

#3. Make Stuffing from fine cut smoked salmon , onion , dill , horseradish, sour cream , caviar and lastly fold in the whipped cream

#4. Spread equal on three piecs of puff pastry base and stack up like a sandwich with final browned top sheet ( total four lyre's )

#5. Carefully cut with a saw knife into four square and again into eight equal triangles without pressing ( like a Sandwich )

#6. Place two triangle on each plate and garnish with fresh garden green, a small smoked Salmon rose filled with caviar and lemon

#7. Ect. the filling and cutting must be last minute just before serving to ensure pastry is still warm and crunchy

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe


Russian Beluga Caviar ....fishermans style

ingredients for 4 Person
Beluga Caviar 120 gram
Chicken egg 4 PCs.
Sour cream 120 gram
Potato 240 gram
Onion 120 gram
Lemon 2 whole
Vodka 4 shot


#1. Softboild four Chicken eggs for 4 minutes and peel carefully without breaking

#2. Boil starchy potatoes and peel

#4. Place sour-cream, chopped onion, lemon tail, boiled egg and potatoes in separate dishes

#5. Separate the caviar in four crystal bowls and keep chilled on ice

#6. Serve each person the ingredient and caviar separately plus a simple garnished dinner plate for mixing

#7. Caviar spoon and fork ( carved from mother of pearl , turtle shell or bone ) are needed for mixing it to taste

#8. You may serve melba toast - up to your taste ( like )

#9. Finally serve the real cold vodka ( the mildest is Smirnoff noir ) in frozen schnapps glasss

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe


Caviar timbale with Potato

ingredients for 4 Person
Blinis 4 pan-cake
Sour-cream 20 gram
Beluga Caviar 120 gram
Keta Caviar 20 gram
Potatoe 120 gram
Vinaigrette 80 gram
Chives 16 gram


#1. Top freshly fried blinis pan-cake with beaten sour cream

#2. Crown with Beluga Caviar and garnish centre with pearls of pink keta caviar

#3. Place with help of a spatula in centre of plate

#4. Surround by blanched potato slices seasoned with colourful Vinaigrette

#5. Garnish with herbs

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe



Trout and Ossetra Caviar with Oysters & Prawns

Ingredients for 4 Person
Oyster 24 PCs
Ossetra Caviar 80 gram
Trout Caviar 80 gram
Greenland Shrimp 160 gram
Lemon 2 whole
Full meal bread 4 slices
Blue cheese 20 gram
Butter 20 gram


#1. Open fresh oysters and place on Ice

#2. Fill each 3 half oyster with Trout Caviar

#3. Fill each 3 half Oyster with Ossetra Caviar

#4. Centre with lemon and two cooked peeled Green Land Shrimps

#5. Lastly garnish the dish with two shrimp head and a fresh bunch of Dill

#7. Serve with warm Brown bread and blue cheese spread ( made from butter and blue cheese )

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe


warm Salmon Popia with Manchurian Beluga Caviar

Ingredients for 4 Person
Popia / Spring roll Skin 4 sheet
Salmon fillet 120 gram
Romaine lettuce 40 gram
Beluga Caviar 120 gram
Sharky dressing 120 gram
Chilli flower 4 PCs
Lemon twist 4 PCs
Sour cream 40 gram


#1. Wrap the fresh Salmon Fillet ( cut into finger ) with a leaf of Romaine Lettuce and followed by a spring roll skin wrapper

#2. Garnish the plate with Chilli flower, leafs, a spoon of Sharky Dressing
and a line of sour cream
Sharky dressing are made from the base of beer , ginger, Lemon grass , chilli and turmeric, thicken with starch and season with salt and white pepper . Blended the fine paste with egg yolk , and beaten up with sesame oil and Corn oil to a light mayonaise substance.

#3. Deep-fry popia (springroll) in deep fryer till the skin is crispy.

#4. Cut the roll diagonal into two

#5. Place half standing - half lying on plate and top with Caviar . Sprinkle some Caviar on the sour cream to give the look like by a horn of plenty, outrunning from the half lying popia.

#6. Serve this as hot and cold combination starter immediately. This give the enjoyment of crispy heat and crispy chilled Caviar taste

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe


Sevruga Caviar Berlin style

ingredients for 4 Person
Sevruga Caviar 250 gram
Potato 200 gram
Onion 100 gram
Chicken Egg yolk 4 PCs
Buttermilk cream 60 gram
Spring onion 40 gram
Lemon 2 whole
Chive 40 gram
Korn Schnapps    
Pork fat 40 gram


#1. Grated potatoes folded with grated onion and egg yolk ,add a little salt and nutmeg powder

#2. Fry it with Pork fat ( Schmaltz ) to crispy potato pan-cakes, named Puffer in Berlin

#3. Prepare the condiments like the top thick Cream of Buttermilk, fine sliced spring onion,
fine cut chive and lemon half in individual bowls

#4. Schnapps glasses are chilled and ready for good German weizen korn schnapps

#5. Serve the whole Can of 250 gram sevruga caviar on a block of ice and open it at the table

#6. Pancakes are served on a small warm cooper pan to stay crispy

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe


sweet Potato Carpaccio with Persian Beluga Caviar

Ingredients for 4 Person
sweet Potato 240 gram
Caviar 120 gram
Balsamico Vinegar 15 gram
Olive oil 15 gram
Onion 20 gram


#1. Peel purple sweet potato , slice it very thin and blanche through in hot water, place slice by slice neatly round the plate

#2. Place the fresh Persian Beluga Caviar at the centre of the dish

#3. Sprinkle potato slices with balsamic vinegar , a little salt and olive oil

#4. Garnish with fresh slices of lemon, fresh herbs, a cherry tomato and onion rings

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe

South Russian Beluga Caviar, Tasmanian hand milked Salmon Roe
and home smoked Belvedere Salmon

40 gm Beluga Caviar

40 gm Tasmanian Salmon Roe

40 gm home smoked salmon loin

caviar condiments and horse radish smitane folded with chopped onion

Cordon Noir celebrated Caviar Recipe

A simple combination of salted seagrapes and sourcream-horseradish dressing

with a dash of lemon

fresh and preserved a real speciality

and now a short story for folks who love beer with caviar

Of Fish Eggs and Beer
By Jim Anderson

Strange as it may sound, fish and beer go way back. Aside from their inseparability on the tables of most Eastern and Northern European countries, where pickled and kippered herring often encounter crisp pilseners, fish are an actual ingredient in the preparation of many English and American cask-conditioned ales.

But what about those expensive little eggs?

Although I have yet to hear of beer being brewed with caviar, the "roe with mo'" is clearly associated with one beer style in particular, a rich, black ale from England that was made specifically for the courts of the Russian czars. As early as the 18th Century, this product was brewed only for export, unavailable even to those Englishmen who created it. The ale was called Imperial Russian Stout, and its dizzying complexity and strength represented the pinnacle of English -- some say world -- brewing.

This beer was shipped from London through northern waters to the czars, and enjoyed alongside the finest caviar available, a combination which is eternalized in Against Nature, by French Decadent author, J. K. Huysmans, in which he envisions an all-black meal consisting of -- among other things -- Russian rye bread, caviar and stout.

And shipping being what it always has been, a few bottles of this precious stout seem to have fallen off the boats all along the Baltic route, over the centuries spawning local variations on the style, usually referred to as porter. So, whenever you see a Finnish or Polish porter, grab it -- it's most likely brewed in the style of the pre-revolution imperial stouts.

Beer glass Imperial stout is no longer exported to Russia, and has all but disappeared from the English brewing scene. But -- Bolsheviks be damned -- it's still the beer of choice to accompany caviar, with a sweetness that's the perfect foil for the eggs' delicate sour taste, and an alcohol content (7-12% by volume) to rival the effects of any vodka. Fortunately, a revival in traditional beer recipes has popularlized the style Stateside, and domestic versions are readily available in the Philadelphia area.

For a little over $200, you can get a case of 7oz. bottles of the 1993 vintage from the last of the original English producers, John Courage. But a better bet is to accompany your eggs with a more cost-effective American version. Philadelphia's trendy Café Republic serves 7oz. bottles of the delicious Rogue Imperial Stout from Oregon alongside their selection of caviar. Another good bet is the formidable Old Rasputin from Calfornia's North Coast brewery (draft & 12oz. bottles). And for those who want to serve locally-brewed versions, try Yards Imperial Stout (draft only) or Valley Forge Imperial Stout (draft & 12oz. bottles).

Whichever one you choose, your customers will end up with a beer and food combination that's been proven at some of the world's finest tables over the centuries. You'll be offering an experience that will make them feel, if not quite like kings and queens, at least a little like Nicolas and Catherine.


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