Like a lucky Dream
Jochen Kern



The World City : Hong Kong


the new Start at a New World

How Fantastic, finally we made it to that Chinese financial head quarter



What a City with unbelievable speed and non interest of other Peoples, just individual survival. My friend the thoroughly professional Gerd Hecker brought me to that beautiful InterContinental Grand Stanford, a place to least for the first 1 year. Then arrived this magic

hiere with DER MOEWE from Hamburg

Green Cabbage Festival cutting all the burthen. Cooking style from 300km away from my home town in North Germany must be extreme different to our Braunschweig style since Boss Hecker, German Schwabian, did not like it and the whole dream ended there, That same moment. Hecker started to complain everything direct after. Nothing was right for him from that moment on, going on for the next year. We manage SARS the best possible without any gratitude of Hecker , stubborn like ever before, I would not say I am right but talking about 1 dinner with mixed opinion and bad influence by Ulrike (advisor). Clear for me 2 Years contract finishing would be the maximum.




Coffee house breakfast with a normal average of 360 pax changed to 5......I don't know what to say. Speechless!
Two days later Hong Kong government announced the necessary action for restaurants and hotels,  discounts and patronizing the local peoples would be  only chance of survival for all this HK food and beverage establishments,
There where right.

Mask on and Hygiene maximum , looks like non esthetic, unfriendly and cool ( like a face without smile) but other sides the only base to employment guaranty for all the worker.

SARS maybe the nicest memory I have , the hardest work I done , the greatest satisfaction I achieved not getting in that stage of unemployment for my worker but blast our buffet to the local liking, filling the restaurant daily with happy honky customer bringing revenue and work load to a maximum.

Fantastic , the happy Owner guarantied that a unemployment in his hotel would never be a discussion point, the whole crew will stay employed, no lay of never even that SARS go on for long time. Great compare to other establishment like hyatt who sucked the whole crew over night. Retrench there called it but actually put on the road since no other would new employ at this situation.

Hong Kong Chefs at SARS with my Secretary


rooms down to 1 % , restaurants full

what else can I say is the profession for a chef


The Rest of the year was fulfilled with chefs for our Italian Restaurant Mistral & Belvedere,

Farwell to Mistral Chef Alexandro           The Tenor Andrea Bocelli &   Mistral Chef Antonio    Executive Souschef William and  Belvedere Chef Darrel

the Australian Chef for that never working Belvedere Restaurant concept, catering for the German President on board of that beautiful "shining star" Star Ferry boat (with presidential compliments to my German food) and and and..........
The first Apprentice test for professional Chefs in Hans Rudi's School and the Chefs Association of Hong Kong with all our Friends.

Cordon Noir for Dolly, Rudolf Mueller and Hans Rudi Nussbaumer at Maison Rudolf  Mueller and Caviar Creator dinner at the New World Hotel was highlights in this a little depressing Hecker Hierarchy.
My collegues called him a a......h.... but for me he only was one of this professional, hart headed leader who, sorry for himself mistakenly believed the hotel belong to him till he had to go. 

left :Manfred Nelius from Schnurbart                                            right:Chef Max Lichti & Chefs at the Chalet in Kowloon

The Owner Family was great , so my colleagues William Lam and so on.
I enjoyed the time and mistaken made the first and most properly last time that afternoon break , for sure also a point for letting me down. Well maybe my age believed that we also need life...maybe wrong , I will not try again such a mistake. sorry about that.

Cordon Noir at Maison Rudolf Mueller / Cordon Noir Caviar Creator Hong Kong / Dolly, German Butcher Konrad mit Frau, Urs Bessmer and Rudolf Mueller at Franz Island Round Trip by boat



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