Like a lucky Dream
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India / Mumbai ( Bombay )

Heiner Werdeling called from InterContinental The Grand in Mumbai, searching  for executive chef on which I hand over 5 application
from my cordon noir web.

Heiner called again, money fixed, owner agreed and there we are in Mumbai, start working at this beautiful, biggest lobby in Asia hosting InterContinental The Grand owned by Barath Hotel, the late Mr. Lalit Suri

InterContinental The Grand

Lalit Suri, The last Emperor rises a beautiful hotel with 4 restaurants, a Bollywood bar, beluga bar , ball rooms and meeting rooms, a club and 370 guest-rooms with additional  apartment block in the middle of now where , in the slums of Mumbai just facing the airport and millions of slum occupancies without any sanitary or humanity normality.

first birthday batch                 with Heiner Werdeling sunday at the market                   trial of that new one

Mumbai is a city with 26 million peoples, the biggest in the world , the financial center of India but years behind international comparison.


Peoples are great been able stand the poority and richness next to each other where even in the slums a American express card is accepted to by second hand paper or plastic bottles and so on. contrast like never seen before in my life made this Mumbai an outstanding , interesting , friendly and lovely city.

Dolly found after 3 months stay at the hotel our new home in Hyrandani , a new housing area with every think we need including schools , tennis court , sport clubs, hospitals, shopping centers, supermarkets and a small but great hotel Rodas hotel with our nightly gathering place Aura which would be our oasis for the next 2 years.

Hyrandani our Home                                                 with Scerjio at Far East Brunch   Our gang with winning Rangoli Dipavali  decor

Mumbai city magic is found in architecture which similar to Paris based on history of colonial, Indian and Arabic influence. Houses like never seen before and mixture of peoples and religion remarkable  to possibility of human kind who make Mumbai also the most active city we visited the past 40 years. Dolly and I loved it.

The Hotel still in opening stage gave as possibility of showing grand standard with pride and emotion, the first christmas lithing cermony, the first gingerbread house, the first egg hunt to easter , the first ..the first.. the first.. highly appreciatet by our guests , business peoples, oil worker and some times tourist at this only with visa visiting possibility. 

Kitchens with total 110 chefs and 20 apprentice are magnificent build with space let you dream of bowling and other sports.

My Souschefs Vivek Huria replaced later by Nilesh Limaya, Chef Joshi, Asian Chef Mawa later replaced by Chef Ha Ha Wong, Antonio Paul, Loke, Shailesh and Harishanker replaced later by Chef Raul plus the Pastry Chef  Sunil and not to miss out Shelke my Chief Steward done a marveled job helping me to get the right food standard in this beautiful restaurants and ball rooms. Guest enjoyed our Sausages and best Beef steak in Mumbai, my infused vodka was a other hit at the bars and Customer really appreciated our place .

We where proud serving such a great product!

then came that July 2005, havy rain drowned the whole hotel and 2 months later we started again with the beginning........after repair and washout the whole think reopened and the same task started after feeding 2000 laborers from the slums over the past 2 months. something special...well something different but also a part glued me more and more on this magnificent hotel. I opened the delicatessen shop , a complied concept where Harishanker worked fantastic packing and labeling beside the production.

Cordon Noir in Mumbai for more pictures take a look at News

The Indian Cordon Noir was only one of the highlights in this two years
Sunday tennis with Mayor and NZ Paul, Scott Paul, Ram and Dolly kept the spirit high. City tours with Heiner and or our Driver Vinod was like a holiday and Aura with Barman Azis and Sachin at the Disco gave every weekend the right spirit and Bollywood tunes that enjoy let nothing missing, by the way Indian music must be the best second to African I believe. Just perfect to move your body and let your expression out. SUPER

poor but friendly hart life of Mumbai

Apprentice ship for annual 10 chefs made my date , full fun and education  building youth to high professionals 

Professional pride at the whole team grow and pushed professional possibilities to a maximum, never missing thinks not available , I hope you understand what I wont to say. 

Education also here at the IHMCT Mumbai
speaker at ITM Institude of Hotel Managmet

Heiner was running a great hotel and we all pride been part of a 450 unbeatable  team.

World Chefs Day 20 October was just one more reason show the team spirit we kept. 

next chapter

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