Like a lucky Dream
Jochen Kern

2006 - 2010

same country but different city

4 years Hotel Equatorial
  Leaving our beloved Mumbai and returning after 10 years to Malaysia our New Home with still warmest memories Penang 1991 to 1996.
Starting at hotel Equatorial at Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur
Was like a dream come true , the best prime restaurant, at Malaysias capital, "Chalet" and best Japanese "Kampachi" restaurant in town made that hotel a real culinary heaven.

  Stern by General Manager the entrepreneur, outspoken and professional Donald Lim, also the son of owner Dato Lim of this gourmet hotel made the work perfect. Donald Lim was able to accept operational changes when need and proofed change was done. That professional encounter pushed my ego to max productivity, creativity and fun team work with the whole positive brigade of 47chefs including Krishnan, SK Lim, Chef Linda, Chef Amilan, Artist Vasan, Chef Suhaimi, late Chef Azar, Chief Butcher Balan, Chef Val, Secretary Wallis and all the others made creativity and productivity  a easy task come true.
With that motivated team building up the existing outside catering to new heights, and that additional new food whole sales are beautiful achievements.

New equipment investment including 2 catering Trucks was not a problem, 500 roasted turkeys to Christmas, cooking classes for children, A 1 race catering, Malaysian Open Golf and first 4 Nation cricket tournament beside catering for the pre and later official opening for that superb Pavilion catering for 5000 guests.
That annual Christmas lighting, the Christmas sales with stollen factory, Chinese New Year, F1 with all that oversea traveler filling the floo bar nights at Equatorial and daytime Sepang tribunes.

the Swedish Crayfish night , that Peruvian Pisco event, German Gruenkohl (green Cabbage) night with "das moeve from hamburg"

and not at least that Bavarian Oktober Fest at Poolside.

Chris and the stars from Equatorial.

Specials like Barbary Muscovy duck press, 1 kg Dover sole, best bouillabaisse you ever eat, highest quality meats and poultry, zuercher geschnetzeltes veal with roesti, fresh truffles, fresh morel mushrooms, white asparagus, hunting season with roe bock, faisan and all that other deer, life lobsters and not at least best caviar and freshest oyster including belon 6 lux.
Just Superb.
Happy customer with that outstanding quality cuisine cooked by professional motivated chefs, service and sommelier staff.
Raclette and fondue made real from gruyere and emmental cheese at this Chalet restaurant.
Winner of the most outstanding menu and best restaurant in Kuala Lumpur presented
Dato Steve Day's Malaysian International Gourmet Festival opening with chefs  flown in by helicopter for that opening at the royal selangor club. Big show with big appreciation for the committee eating daily for 1 months free of charge, changing restaurants daily, purpose of judging.
Changes in management when Dato Lim called his son Donald to the head office.
Chris Moore the resident manager promoted to GM running Hotel Equatorial for the ext 2 Years. Chris was chef at past and eager to keep up quality.

After Chris served two years and departure, VP A.Ong filled the empty GM position.

Visiter Celebrity Chef Wan and Martin Yan  

Unpleasant time followed, enhanced by general manager ongoing disprove operational non professional disturbance made me finishing work end of my contract after the past 4 years, departure Equatorial Hotel.
This loved Equatorial Hotel was demolished 1 Year after giving space for new Equatorial Development.

Beautiful banquets and fantastic chaine des rotisseurs and cordon noir gatherings including the 20 anniversary of cordon noir will stay in memories.
Take a look at historical pictures.