Like a lucky Dream
Jochen Kern

Malaysia / Penang 1991 - 1994


Accommodation was one of the minor problems I faced, at least for the first 8 months. Through an agent, my wife and I managed to find our dream house on the beach. The hotel agreed to pay the monthly rent of RM 1,500 and we moved in. It was paradise! However, we soon found out what "paradise" really was...

One night, we were disturbed by the sound of someone screaming. I ran out of my bedroom and discover my servant on the staircase, eyes rolling, out of breath and screaming like she had just been butchered! I called the ambulance and explained that ironically, she was still screaming even though she had no pulse and was most likely dead. When the ambulance arrived, the smile on their faces told me that they did not believe my story. However, when thesetow "first aid men" examined the servant’s body, they looked at me and understood my story. Believe me, she was actually dead but dead people do not scream, right? Even when she was transported to the hospital, the doctors could not understand this rare phenomenon.

The next morning, we went to fetch the girl and my wife was told that our servant had actually seen a ghost. A ghost? After all this time in Indonesia and the whole world.. a ghost in my house?

Life changed drastically after all these happened. The servant left, my afternoon nap was constantly disturbed by what seemed like a finger touching my ears, the dogs baked at particularly nothing and our furniture in the bathroom collapsed even though we did not touch them. I confronted my General Manager, Eric Lim, and took up his advice to move out immediately. Luckily, this was the only disturbance there in Penang until now. Hopefully this will be the first and the last time that a ghost kicked us out from our house.

This was also the time when the head office in Hong Kong called me to help them launch the Shenzen Shangri-La Hotel in China.


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