By the invitation of our Cordon Noirean Friend Hannes Landolt and he’s lovely Wife Fon, we were at their residence on the occasion of a X-mas and Caviar Dinner. Their second daughter Tanya and her friend Lily where celebrating with us both l a great dinner and Christmas at the same time. Both the young ladies were but all their effort and skills together to conduct a fantastic dinner for us my Wife and me, along with some other guest of the house

The dinner started with the glass of champagne followed by a combination of Tsar Caviar, Quail eggs, Pineapples, Red Mullet roe and Japanese cucumber, the combination they ladies had chosen were just splendid.
Then the royal Oscietra caviar served with traditional Blini and sour cream, a creation we always love

The clear chicken consommé was served with small quenelles, and slices of fresh winter and white truffles, an absolute smashing delight, then the poached halibut filets with a beurre blanc sauce and topped with trout caviar

Then the main course was served in a buffet style, with a selection of Beef wellington and honey ham baked in bread dough, buttered wild rice and a platter of seasonal vegetables,  the sauces served where a green Pepper sauce, a morel sauce and the honey-mustard sauce for the ham, everybody enjoyed the meals and had a large selection to choose from

Then the traditional cheese platter and then followed by the creation of Lily of a lime sherbet flavored with butterfly peas blossoms and some Thai TAB TIM KROB (crispy water chestnuts), as addition a syringe with freshly squeezed lime juice made the final touch, I just love that, and some of the ladies were asking for another portion, I can’t blame them is was absolute the hit.

Of course then the handover of the certificates and medals to the well-deserved lady Chef’s team, congratulation to both of them and welcome as truly Cordon Noireans

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the Landolt Family to hold one again such a great and fantastic Dinner and we are looking forward to another occasion like this


Thank you to our lovely Host

Tanya, Hannes & Fon

Even a budhist home has a x-mas tree

Tanya & lily with me before the evening

I love that x-mas dress

A realy festive decoration

Menu desiged by Lily

Soo much good food to come !!

The Lady chefs are prsent their amuse geules

Caviar and quail eggs as far as one can see

Perfectly cooked fish

Hannes and I enjoy every bite

Lily & Chitthip sample soup

And the lovely ladies are too

The great dinner table in action

The soup was just a delight

Lily & Tanya wwith the main courses

Tnaya cuts the honey ham, perfectly

Lily is preparing the final touch

The main dish on the buffet

Lily is real in charge, final check

Now Hannes and I supervise the Cheese platter

The dessert my favorite

Lily receives her medal and certificate

Tanya is ready for her turn on the medal

Two proud Lady Chefs

Old and New Cordon Noireans

All the crowd of the dinner

All pictures are taken by my lovely photographer Chitthip, 1000 Merci beaucoup

Thanks to  Executive Gourmet Thailand Marco Brueschweiler

Cordon Noir wish you a Happy New Year 2018

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