Cordon Noir Christmas Dinner

23th November 2019 / Johor Baru , Malaysia

  Host>> Professional Gourmet Hans Durst and Restaurateur Stephanie

Welcome Cocktail

Stephanie , Jeffrey & Robert                                                        David Cheong, Guest, My-self, Andrew Saw & Robert Lee

Jeffrey in a cloud of beautiful Woman with Sarah Allenspach, Sue Jungwirt, Ina Allenspach and Jeffrey wife Emily

Berthold Jundwirt in Diplomatic cocktail with Guests

Thanks for that Beautiful Christmas Table by Stephanie!

Hans Superb Cooking here with his Crue




Risotto Pride , Hans outstanding quality of that sweet Lobster with Risotto



after Hart Work and 30 Guest Satisfaction......

..... following Induction and welcome our New Cordon Noir Member

Professional Gourmets

Stephanie Choy Lee Ping
, Mohd Fairuz Sharul Azwa Bin Mustafar, Sharizan Nurul Hakim Bin Ma'rof

Thank you Stephanie & Hans Durst and all Staff of Johor Baru Sweetwater Restaurant
for a superb ***** Cordon Noir dinner !!!!!

.......follow our friend Robert, GM of Thistel Hotel where we lodged over Night



Thank you Dolly for Pictures and Photographic Art at This Side!

we wish you all....a Merry Christmas and Happy 2020