Chapter 37                                              


Director School of Culinary Arts….. Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8 years with Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Prior finishing Equatorial I start KL Chefs Education with a weekly Apprentice Chef Course.

All theoretical classes teaching from egg to calculation all what a professional chef need to know!

Weekly 1 day for a half year time frame . The General Manager of Equatorial Hotel that time did not agree using facilities so CAM- Chefs Association Malaysia looked  up to find a place for me .  

Easy since that time CAM President Federico Michiletto was Friend with Madam Mae Ho the Head of that brand new Berjaya University College of Hospitality, both are close friends from Chaine des Rotisseur committee.

I received permission to teach in that new Cookery School  free of rental, I teach free of charge so no problem getting 30 young Chefs Member of CAM eager to learn our profession.

After a half year that course was finish, with all chefs successful passing the test!

from Apprentice to National Global Master Chef  in one School of Culinary Arts... only here at Berjaya University College of Hospitalityin Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Graduating Master-Chefs  / Princess from Pahang ( a real chef ) by launch of the Bocuse d Or Academy Malaysia

My future contract at the table to join the Nagar Casino in Cambodia ready to sign would moving me to Cambodia.

I meet Madam Mae Hoe with Gratitude and Thanks for given CAM the chance to Study at here premises. Told her that I will move from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia and like to say by by. She countered my plan and offered me a position at here School of Culinary Arts in equal Salary position as Director School of Culinary Arts.

Magic Happened , don’t need to move, same salary, working from 9 – 6 …what could be better and  I agreed working past 6 years at this pearl education Institution since then.

We are Numbre ONE with 1500 Students , 500 Culinary, 500 Hospitality, Faculty of  tourism’s, business school , Master Chef Academy and so on. Member of Institute Paul Bocuse Alliance, WACS certified School, Academy Bocuse d Or Malaysia, City&Guild and so on.

A dream come true and I hope I able to still stay coming 30 years contributing my so loved profession , CHEF

Work and hobby ( )


Changing from Chef to teacher, Director Faculty of Culinary Arts, to No 1 Global Mater Chef teacher in ASIA

First time don’t have to pack and no need with all that moves was very welcome for my wife and my self who loves to stay here in Kuala Lumpur that friendly, affordable and pleasant Capital in Malaysia. Thank you

Now after seen back this past satisfied 8 years will stay in memory till end. Keeping my pride.

Building the first WACS recognize master-chef-school in Asia, professional my biggest achievement I ever could dream of.

2012 first 4 master chefs finishing the 1 year - 560 hour training Global Master Chef course and examine with highest excellence. So much fun and learning, researching and knowledge transfer is really something when you thing that I was then over 60 years of age. The biggest professional dream came true. Thanks Berjaya U C H! Beside that time collecting personal all teaching certification, able certify teaching at any organization, teaching chefs.

Now finishing seen a settlement of certified 120 Malaysian Master Chefs and 4 Global Master Chef here in Malaysia.

Student numbers at our institute grow from start 2010 students 80 – 1500 today 2018, which is marble.
Creating additional income for Berjaya with Outside caterings to Embassies, BMW and Empire, whole sale like Haggis for the Scots and Restaurants, Samplings Restaurant on the fourteen with the food cost killer Chefs from AFC plus our deli selling sandwich and chefs need all full swing only capable true help of my colleagues Wallis, Krishnan, late Bala and Ajeman.

Sorry just for my boss business grow was to slow …. maybe it must be part of that job description for a Asian Business leader.  smile.

Anyway don’t like to get negative since I enjoyed these past 8 years in Malaysia’s best hospitality school.

Yes, that professional chefs job missing trust touched my soul, the reason that I stop working at Berjaya UC and start end of the year 2018 in that brand new Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur position Senior Culinary Advisor.

Madam will not understand, well she is not and never will be a chef so it is understandable. I believe once a chef for ever a chef.

Now that I crossing the 69 years and looking forward to that loving new challenge assignment like 50 years ago at the first move. Feeling young again!

Wishing you Berjaya, Madam Mae Ho and Prof. Walter all the best and success, may your dream come true like my do.


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                                                                    Closing  Words

December 2018 , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

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