Cordon Noir 25 Anniversary .......Welcome Cocktail by Scotish Seafood

Anniversary Travel Participants

	Mie & Klaus Herkner
Rolf Kanning
Sonja Lorberg
Helmut & Tina Honstetter
Stefan Rossmann
Joerg Wilken
Cornelia Carlson
Sebastian & Sandra Crone
Mae Hoe
Professor Walter
John & Mi Sloane
Berthold & Sue Jungwirt
Martin & Getrude Holzleithner
David Cheong
Peter Lum
Peter & Jannet Armitage
Rudolf Muller
Heiner Werdeling
Markus Lechterman
Jochen & Dolly Kern
Paul & Mam Henderson

Photos by Dolly 

beautiful Raemoir Hotel and Beautiful Rooms

Elegant and Warm

Welcome Address by Founder
Scottish Seafood Introduction

Prawns & Scallops

Lobster, Scottish Salmon Caviar, Fish Tartar, Crabmeat cooler and Champagne

Sonja and Peter try that delicious Hors d'oeuvre 

Thanks Scottish Seafood and Chef Littlewood

followed by
Nicholas Kelly

Beer Tasting with Scottish Outfit

Sundowner with superb Prawns and Saffron Rice

Bangers, Bacon and Black Pudding for Breakfast at Raemoir House Hotel


Stefan inspecting farmost known Charolais Cattle in front of  Drum Castle

Lunch at Old Mill Inn

Crathes Castle

a beautiful afternoon at the Castles

Dinner Stop Milton Brasserie

A Picturer Dinner at Milton Brasserie

Next Day Whiskey and Cheese

and now Cheese ..........

followed by Pauls Gourmet Lunch

managet by Aubrey Henderson Personal.... here in discussion with Mae Hoe

visiting the small town next door..........

passing that hary Highland Cow

and a smoke in the Rain... Berthold, Stefan, Peter & Peter

.................a day in Aberdeen

cooked our own Lunch at Nick Nairn Cook School

Aberdeen Sightseen

Mr Burns Personal

What a cozy Place for that nightly Whiskey

Welcome to Edinburgh

Lunch at Fish Cafe

Welcome by Clare of Scottish Seafood

Edinburgh Castle surroundings

a Scotch at the Pub in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Royal Tatoo party around the Castle


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Pipers at Welcome

Korean Military Band at its best

superb show from scotish youth bikers 12-18 years old

and not at least special for P. Straub the Mexican National Military Band

Edinburgh Castle in Smoke

superb New Zealand Military Show Band

A outstanding final with all that Military Bands and Firework

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Pictures from Cordon Noir 25th Anniversary Dinner

photos by Dolly
webmaster Jochen