Cordon Noir 25th Anniversary dinner

Chef David full in action: Cordon Noir mise on place

how to dress...for sure need professional help

the Piper arrived

Yes we looking good & real Scottish

we are readdy at Raemoir House

The Piper Blow .... entrance to our 25th Anniversary Spectacle

a beautiful fridge magnet gift to each Lady by our Host Paul

Chef David explained the menu stressing local products and ingredients
used for his Anniversary Menu creation .....
... to all Cordon Noirian Gourmets

beside that beautiful Ocietra served a magnificent Siebling and Scottish Salmon Caviar
with all trimmings and Scottish Valt Vodka

Venison Essence

Fresh and smoked Salmon terrine

 Strawberry Shorbet with Vanilla Foam

Roast Fillet of Beef with Haggis Bonbon, Gratine Potatoes, Celery Root Puree, Beats & Shallots

Honey and Drambuie Mousse, textures Raspberry and Oat Macrones

Badentoy Blue and assorted Scottish Cheses
here with Aubrey Gift that Scottish Spurtle
served with Austrian Mirabel Brandy sponsored by our friend
Sebastian from Hamburg

our new Cordon Noirian inducted in Scotland
Aubrey , Nicholas, Mae inducted & pomoted to Executive Gourmet Scotland Paul Henderson
here with President Jochen and Vic President Rudolf

Paul presenting Haggis the traditionel way

David Cheong making his anniversary speach

Peter Armtage holding his anniversary speach

Heiner Werdeling presenting his anniversary speach

Chef  of Raemoir House  David Littlewood joined Cordon Noir

a memorial Cordon Noir Logo to the Boss of Raemoir House Hotel
Thank your for your Hospitality!

Thank you Paul Henderson for all that preparation !

Sebastian Thanks for the Mirabelle & Stefan thanks for that great Caviar Spoon!

All togther!

finish never without a Scottish Nite Cup

next day a day at the Highland Games

We see you all soonest !!! Thanks all of You for making our Gathering meeningful !

Photos by Dolly
Webmaster Jochen