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Cordon Noir Dinner

Hong Kong
4rd November 2016

Cocktail on the roof of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a weekend to remember !

Yes , a sparkling Night..... for sure !

with Rio Negro Caviar and a la minute Blinis


“On Friday the 4th November 2016, a group of Cordon Noiriens from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and their guest met at the T hotel in Pokfulam, the south side of Hong Kong. The T stands for Training and the hotel is a part of the VTC and the HITDC Hospitality and International Training Development Centre, a western culinary cooking school in the center of this vast complex.


We went there to experience the craftsmanship and fine cuisine of it Principal instructor, no other that Andreas J.W. Muller, who will be inaugurated as the Cordon Noir latest member to our club of brotherhood, friendship and great food.

As it is tradition and a part of our constitution aspiring professional member have to cook for a group of fellow Cordon Noiriens; a menu with at least one course containing Caviar.

That was early archived as we had over 2 kilo of the finest Caviar from .....Uruguay on hand. Uruguay from Rio Negro area has the Black River caviar which is the top of the line. As technology advances and we get a better understanding of different species and their required habitats, Caviar farms have sprung up all over the world over the past 25 years or so, some are excellent and some are need to improve.


Being a member of our club I had on many occasion the change to visit new farms, I seen them in Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland and Thailand just recently.

So this was the first time that we enjoyed a very good Ossetia Caviar from Siberian Sturgeon hatched, raised and farmed in Rio Negro Uruguay, South America. The caviar is of the best quality has beautiful dark gray pearls, slightly salted (pre-sale) which pops in your mouth.  The purveyor of this superb product is Cristian Ciancaterino, of the House of Fine Foods in Hong Kong.  He brought this caviar for the first time to my attention a few months back at a food show, and from there on we worked on getting this wonderful product to our members.

Having a great passion for good food and a superb knowledge and understanding of fine food products, their resources and supply; Cristian also will join our club and be made a Half Professional Member. (Unfortunately he could not been with us on that night)


Back to our dinner:

We enjoyed our cocktail out on a beautiful fall night at the terrace of the T hotel, which had a stunning view to the South China Sea and Lantau Island; the cocktail of course had over one kilo of Ossetia Caviar, with made to order blinis and the classical garnishes

We also had Spicy Salmon Tartar in a cone, Ankimo and nice Cava from Roger Goulart Reserva 2013.

The dinner was served at 8:30 pm and every course was explained by Chef Andreas.

Cordon Noir Shine


Andreas has a passion for Japanese food and we could see it throughout the menu, japanese elements, food items and cooking methods were tastefully incorporated throughout the menu

The sushi’s, sea urchin and the Siberian sturgeon and caviar was a fantastic opening of the dinner and went down well with the Gokujou Junmai Ginjo dry sake.

The next course was a miso crusted Cod fish on top of hand pulled angels pasta surrounded by a green lettuce soup, a very nice and unique dish, followed by Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio and Japanese Salmon roe, for that dish a white Albarino , Rias Baixas Nora da Neve 2012 was pared and went very well with the next two dishes

Next was a Sonoma Bay Oyster tempura with white Asparagus and Oscietra Caviar, an outstanding dish followed by the Main course, a tender oven roasted baby lamb saddle with a light jus , gratin potatoes and seasonal vegetable

And that course was served with a Chateau Siaurac,  Lalande de Pomerol 2008 Complex wine, very earthy and full of ripe stone fruit flavors.

And then for relaxation we went on to the cheese course, a Comte and a nice Goat cheese and Roquefort together with some dried fruits  


It was 10:20 pm now and time to go with the program and I called on Tony, Executive Gourmet Taipei to assist my self with the ceremony. Chef Andreas J.W. Muller became a Professional Gourmet of the Cordon Noir Gourmet Society on Friday the 4th November 2016 
witnessed by fellow Cordon Noiriens like John Sloane, Tony Chang, Angelo Mc Donnell, Greg Walker, Oliver Win and their guests and friends.


We called on the Brigade, all students from the school, it is very impressive and credit to it instructors and Principal Instructor Andreas, that they were able to come up with such a fantastic, well balanced dinner. It was outstanding in every way and also the service was remarkable.


We finished of this perfect evening with an apple vacherin , raspberry coulis and a Waddle seed ice cream ( bush cooking )
served with a German Madonna Eiswein  from P.J. Valckenberg 2004

write up by 

Rudy Muller Vice President


New Professional Gourmet Andreas Mueller & Vice President Rudolf Muller with Executive Gourmet Taiwan Tony

The Widness Cordon Noirian & Guests

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