Cordon Noir Saigon, Vietnam
11-13. December 2015

our Host Hotel in Saigon ***** Equatorial Ho Chi Minh

Tasting the first Vietnamese Food, outside in the city

in that local Saigon Restaurant,  fun at try assembling local rice paper and ingredients
Thanks Chef Mawa to show the Vietnamese way!

very tasty rice with balachan  stock

a couple meters walk and there it is , the French build Post Office

and the modern and antic Notredame Dom

just alround the corner of Hard Rock Cafe and InterContinenal Hotel

that famous back packer meeting road , not only thousands motorbikes , million

7 Beer only US $ 4.00 , great affordable place!

with superb Saigon and 333 Beer and out standing snacks, real street-food!

Mawa and Peter Wife have real fun here at night

Fun with Fire blow children, squid BBQ and crispy crackers

Thanks Host Chef Mawa for that superb introduction to our Cordon Noir Weekend

Welcome Cocktail at Floh Bar , Equatorial Hotel Saigon

Urs was the first and

Part of the 70 Cordon Noirian and Friends joining this weekend

after that we joined the Busrite to the Theater for that magnificent welcome Show

the impressive portal of that French Theater, feeling like Paris!

great show on presentation and creativity with simple bamboo display a life of artistic simplicity



followed at a Saigon Cooking Class dinner

outstanding atmosphere , still in spirit of Bamboo

with outstanding food

and at background Belly dancer at Beirut Cafe

for sure the cooking class showed that perfect Vietnamese rice paper roll
and grilled pork

Carlos and Peter Armitage Friend discussing the warm vegetables seams a different version of chap chey

Next Day we visiting the Tunnels

ready with that Vietnamese Cordon Noir heads

from the Bus to the Boat for a 1.5 Hour Saigon River draft

full speed make it a fast exiting run

arrival at the tunnel station CU CHI

entering the labyrinths of 300 km tunnels

where displays of traps like this bamboo spikes

or tunnels entry shoe box size witch Chef Mawa and Allan need to try and nearly did not make it out without help, stuck!

left over American Tank and more traps of different imagination

housing of Vietcong's

and Dolly and my self can not let it be but real shooting first time ,
1 life bullet Vietnamese Dong 40,000 with minimum purchase of 10

our target , no not life just signs .

Mawa now we know where that ruffle desighn of rice paper comes from

our beautiful Tour guide made the whole journey pleasurable

on the way back we stop short on a lacker factory

and the independence palace

with beautiful sunflower decorated streets

passing the back of Notre dame

to a beautiful Chinese Vietnam restaurant for lunch

wih outstanding Lotus rice and Vietnam food, great Chocolaty Cafe


all Cordon Noirian attending the Cordon Noir Gala Dinner
from back to front, left to right : Chef Mawa, Manfred Faehndrich, Andrew Saw, Wolfgang Sauer, Berthold Jungwirt, Helmut Lamberger, Kuo Chih Tsung, Johann Boehni , Sue Jungwirt,
Chong Kam Fai , Koh Ren Chuan, Alan Walace, Helmut Honstetter, Huan Yi Jen,

Petetr Armitage, Mae Ho & Walter Wong, Chin Wei Ho, Urs Allenspach, Paul Henderson, Carlos Vinas, Dato Ringo Kau Fan Chu

and all together  with Friends

Cordon Noir Christmas Galadinner Saigon

Chefs Koh Ren Chuan, Mawa and Huan Yi Jen
preparing the Gala Dinner

the Sturgeon swim in special from Northern Vietnam for this Cordon Noir Christmas Dinner dinner

the Menu presented by Cordon Noir Executive Gourmet for Vietnam  Executive Chef Mawa
with Personalised Mother of Perl Caviar Set Christmas Present!

Carpachio of King Fish, assortment of Caviars, Foie Gras cream soup with pan fried Golden Foie Gras

Pan fried Mignon of Ostrich , Soursop Sherbet and Christmas Turkey

Wagyu Beef with Mash and Winter Vegetables

Sweet colorful Christmas Combination

after Dinner Sweets

Happy Birthday Carlos

Congratulation you two :
Cordon Noir Executive Gourmet for Australia Peter Armitage
Cordon Noir Executive Gourmet for Malaysia Urs Allenspach

and welcome to two Cordon Noir Professional Gourmets Huan Yi Jen & Koh Ren Chuan

Also Chef Mawa Promotion to Executive Gourmet Vietnam , Thanks for the beautiful Weekend

Thanks to all of you, thanks to Staff of Equatorial Ho Chi Minh Hotel
and thanks to all the Guests joining this "super" Saigon Weekend
here in Vietnam

some youtube from Chef Mawa

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

wishing you
web by Jochen & photos by Dolly