Christmas Dinner with Sturgeon
13th December 2014 in Tanjung Malin , Malaysia

1 Hour by Bus to the first Sturgeon Farm in Malaysia, Rudolf from HK & Thomas from Germany have a lot to talk feeling the bus rite like minutes

65 Person including Cordon Noirian from Australia, Scotland, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Malaysia arriving at the Farm in Diamond Creeks

4000 Sturgeon up to 40kg , 4 years young...soon ready for Caviar....hmmmm!

Cordon Noir guided farm tour by Fish Farmer Larry

  Mississippi Paddle Fish for Cordon Noir Sashimi by Simon, President Jochen and Ringo

Welcome to Chef Low Kew Pin, Owner of Zheng Yeong Restaurant in Tanjung Malin for our Christmas Dinner

(left)Dato Ringo, the Organizer of the Cordon Noir Christmas Event with the Sturgeon Farmers Chin Wei Ho and Larry
explain not only the first Sturgeon Farm in Malaysia
but also gave Cordon Noir the first time over the past 26 years possibility a dinner with Sturgeon
a real Enjoymenta real Christmas Surprise!

Dunia & Porsche Club plus we 4 in Christmas fever

Caviar in two Versionen western and Asian

Preperation placing Caviar Asian style on Seaweat

Federico, Rudolf and Michael with Andrew

Michael, Andrew and Paul

Larry, Berthold and Sue at right

3 variation of Mississippi Paddelfish Sashimi

The Japanese Chef Chong Kam Fei explain the assortment of Paddle fish Sashimi to Key and Kelvin

Dato  Ringos outstanding Diamond Creek Elixir cooked from Sturgeon Soft Bone

Kelvin Miranda take a photo prior enjoyment of eating

Superb Behrang Ula Amor River Sturgeon on Tofu

Capoune cooked to perfection.............

Mawa and David Cheong with new friends enjoy Cordon Noir

Vegetable and Tanjung Malin Noodles

Taiwan Aiyu Jelly with wild Orange Ice cream

Cordon Noir at the best

 New CordonNoirian Induction
by Cordon Noir Commitee
Executive Gourmet Scotland Paul Henderson, Executive Gourmet Cambodia Mawa,
Vice President Rudolf Muller & President Jochen Kern

Induction to the Professional Fish Farmers left Chien Wei Ho and right Larry Lim Hong Yean

left Host Chef Low Kew Pin and right Japanese Chef Chong Kam Fai

left Chef  Paul Lee and right Dato Ringo Kaw Fan Chu

Cordon Noir all together
back lane : David Cheong, Thomas Kassemek, Low Kew Pin, Larry Lim Hong Yean, Ringo Kaw Fan Chu, Andrew Saw, Chin Wei Ho, Chong Kam Fai, Berthold Jungwirt, Sue Lim Beng Guat, Federico Micheletto,  Paul Lee
front  lane : Paul Henderson, Rudolf Muller, I Wayan Mawa, Jochen Kern & Photo by Dolly Kern

Happy Birthday Thomas Kassemek

and to all of you ........
We Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

all photograps by Dolly
webmaster Jochen