Cordon Noir Taiwan

Host : Executive Gourmet Tony Chang

17-22. September 2017

Whole Program>>>>Price US $ 600.00 each Person

Taiwan Trip-Caviar Dinner Costing Proposal

Program followed by Gala Menu and Costing

Day One:

Arrival Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, bus pick up to Taichung, Hotel National check in,

Standard Twin Room –NT 2500, US85-90(include 2 BKT Buffet)

No.57, Guanqian Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 40353, Taiwan

City Tour-Fengjia Night


Day Two:

Breakfast Buffet in hotel/

City Tour -Bus to Changhua, LukangLung-Shan Temple,

Changhua, Lukang Lung-Shan Temple

Lukang is one of the important historic towns in Taiwan and a famous cultural birthplace.

One of the most famous of the three monuments, Wen Temple, Lungshan Temple, Tin Hau Temple, the preservation of the Heritage Museum of Lukang cultural relics.

Next Step:

Lunch in Changhua,- Wang Gong Fishing Port

From the thought of "the value of an abandoned oyster shell", we began to find a way to regenerate the oyster shell, and to show the strength and toughness of the oyster shell and the oyster shell. Wang Gong hard spirit of hard work. "Intertidal exploration, fishing port scenery," enjoy the fresh seafood, tours bamboo house, Guanliao, tour mud ecological crab war, coincidence bats and mortar fish, tours oyster scenery, tidal exploration games and ecological touch clams and wash pants, fishing port King of the bow on the fishing port tours, lighthouse beauty.

Wang-Gong Fishing Harbor

The Wang Gong Fishing Port is located on the northwest side of the Wang Gong Village in Fangyuan Township of Changhua County. It was completed in 1969 and was transformed into a recreational fishing port in 2000. Various recreational facilities were built in the harbor area, leading to an influx of tourists and visitors.

The original Wang Gong Fishing Port was located at the west side of the Fuhai Temple and the famous "Lights of Fishing Boats at Wang Gong " is one of the Eight Attractions of Changhua. In 2002, the Changhua County proposed the "Wang Gong Fishing Port Pier Renovation Project", for converting the fishing port into a tourist and leisure port. Fish product direct retail center, a visitor center, fresh produce and seafood specialty products retail platform, an ecological observation platform, the dike viewing plank road and pavilion, the waterfront performance plaza, parking lots, lighting for the harbor area, grass lawns, windbreak trails, restrooms and landscaping next to the access roads were subsequently built. Visitors will be able to taste the local seafood specialties, particularly the famous oyster omelet, and experienced harvesting of oysters, and admiring the art of oyster shell. Isn’t it the most fantastic way of experiencing the charm in Wang Gong Fishing Port!

Back to Taichung Hotel

Dinner in Taichung - Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine


Day Three:

Breakfast Buffet in hotel/Hotel check out

Bus High Way to Yunlin County -Chaotian Temple,

Next Step: Visit Mullet Roe Factory and Lunch

Bus High Way to Tainan

Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan)

AddressNo.1, Ln. 336, Sec. 3, Zhonghua E. Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan
+886-6-2899988 FAX+886-6-3373825

Hotel Check In

Standard Twin Room –NT 3200, US100-110(include 2 BKT Buffet)

Dinner in Tainan Authentic Taste Restaurant


Breakfast Buffet in hotel

City Tour - Tainan History, Tainan, Anping Castle- Street Snack Food
In 1624 for the Dutch construction, Taiwan's first castle "hot blue cover city". In 1661, Zheng Chenggong changed its name to Anping, which is also called "King City" or "Taiwan City". This Tainan City Anping district.

About 16:00PM Back to Hotel, take a short rest and prepare to entry Caviar Dinner

Next Step: about 18:00 PM

WATER BIRD Innovation Japanese Cuisine

22:00PM back to Hotel


Day Five:

Breakfast Buffet in hotel/

City Tour -Visit Kaohsiung

About 18:00PM back to Tainan

Dinner -Street Snack Food or Restaurant

Day Six:

Breakfast Buffet in hotel/Hotel check out

Tainan Station- High Speed to Taoyuan Airport

Airline Flight-Check In and Say Good-by Taiwan.




WATER BIRD Innovation Japanese Cuisine

Tainan City, Taiwan


Roll with Mullet Roe,

Homemade To-fu Top with Caviar 

Baby Cucumber with Wasabi and Octopus


Charcoal Grill Tuna with Cherry Blossoms Sauce

Marinated Tomato and Fish Terrine

(Russian Tzar Caviar)


Double Boiled Crustacean Soup with Matsutake Mushroom

(Black Lumpfish Caviar)


Soft Shell Lobster served with Sea Urchin Sauce

 (Canadian Wild Salmon Roe)


Slow-Cooked Beef with, Red Wine Jus,

Beef Cheek Red Quinoa Pie

Season Vegetable

(Royal Oscietra Caviar)


Mousse Ball with Dark Chocolate Coating

 Red Bean Puree Cream Mousse

Seasonal Formosa Fresh Fruit

(Taiwan Sea Caviar)

 WATER BIRD Innovation Japanese Cuisine

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