Cordon Noir Taiwan


 28. April 2016, TAIWAN

To our good friend and Longtime Cordon Noir member Tony Chang and he’s lovely Wife Lily from Taichung we been invited to an exclusive Caviar dinner in he’s newly opened Yoan Lou Italian-French Restaurant in the City of Taoyuan in Taiwan on the 28th of April 2016.

3 on the banch:CNVP Rudolf Muller, ExG Thailand Marco Brueschweiler and Andreas Mueller / Marco wife enjoy Italian Sparkels with WACS CD Rick Stephens

He invited other Cordon Noir Members from Taiwan, as about 10 Food writers, other guests to this delicate dinner with 32 persons on the 3rd floor of he’s restaurant. The Evening started with cocktails of Italian Prosecco, and caviars from Russia and Thailand to sample on crackers and blini.


Due to an coincident our Vice-President Rudy Müller, Andreas Müller both from Hong Kong been in Town, also present the World Chefs Asian Director Rick Stephens from Singapore, as he was holding a World Chefs Judging seminar the next day in Taichung.

 Taiwan Beef Noodle

Before the dinner Started I lectured the illustrate guest on the Idea and purpose of Le Cordon Noir and how this Gourmet Club has started and where it is today, which was well appreciated.


Dinner was served around 7.30 presented by Chef tony and the two new members to-be Chef Steven Peng from Taichung, Taiwan and Chef Aiden Ahn from Seoul, South Korea with their creations, in a very modern approach and presentation that everybody loved.

Tony Lee with his Wife Lily and Marco Wife / Vice President Rudolf Muller hand over the Cordon Noir Plaque to the Restaurant Manager with Executive Gourmet Thailand Marco Brueschweiler and Tony Lee

After the dessert, the Coffee and some liqueurs were served and Vice-President Rudy & I thanked the host and he’s staff for an excellent dinner, handed over the certificates to the staff, and then inaugurated the two new members with their medals and certificates.


In conclusion we have had another great dinner with Caviar, camaraderie’s and great food with wines. Thank you Chef Tony Chang, your wife and the entire restaurant team, to mark another great Caviar dinner in our almost 30 year’s history.

Executive Gourmet for Thailand Marco Brueschweiler