20. July 2019, Seoul. South Korea


The second Cordon Noir dinner in Seoul was held of the occasion of the new member, my old Friend, Swiss Chef Roland Hinni, at his Gastro Tong Restaurant, and the Caviar importer in Korea Mr. Rocky Lee. Both of them invited some business partners and friends and we end up with a big crowd of 38 persons, which closed the restaurant for that evening.

The food was great the service was excellent and the guests enjoyed the exceptional occasion of sampling caviar to a a great met, and sponsored wines from France.

I explained in the beginning how our club was founded and also highlighted a bit more about Caviar, as most still had the expression that it comes from Russia and Iran, most where not aware that today 80 % of all caviar in the market is farmed in many parts of the world.

The event was very popular and many asked how to become a member of our Gourmet Caviar club, so in the near future we will another event in Seoul.


Unfortunately the third new member was not able to attend as the airport from Busan was closed due the typhoon, which battered the ocean city; we will have him introduced the next time.


Executive Gourmet Marco Brueschweiler

After induction to Cordon Noir Professional Gourmet Roland Hinni & John Sanghun Yeo
and Half Professional Gourmet Jongrog Lee

by Executive Gourmet for Thailand Marco Brueschweilere