Cordon Noir

14. to 23. June 2016


14 -16. June 2016  Singapore

 Royal Plaza Singapore our Host with that magnificant "Woman of Time" by Salvador Dali
Thanks GM Patrick Fiat, F&B Abraham and Chef Robert for your superb always outstanding!

Orchids at Botanic Garden in Singapore

Myself, Ina and Sarah & Urs Allenspach the Malaysian Executive Gourmet
with Peter Armiage the Australian Executive Gourmet

refreshing, the cool room ......................

beautiful not to be missed when in Singapore !

followed by a Cable Car journey to Sentosa
from Singapore highest Pick Mont Feber

.....Sarah ring the bell ... we start the Journey to Sentosa

and now under Water............


Sentosa with all that atraction ....Wax Museum, MerLion, Universal Studio
and outstanding Aquarium
, a real treat for the sences a must to be seen for Cordon Noir!

Evening visit to our Cordon Noirian Friend Erich Sollbock
who invited to Chinatown only Sausage Stall.

Erichs Place located direct next to that beautiful Budda Tooth Temple

Thanks Erich we enjoyed your hospitality including that superb Beer.

Second Day: RiverTaxi from Clark Quay, Boat Quay to that famous Singapore city emblem  "MerLion "


that old Post Office now The Fullerton Hotel  and  the new Skyline at Boats Quay

a couple of years ago I was part of the opening  Singapore durian building , Esplanade

Magnificant Sands Hotel and Casino

The Singapore Eye                                          MerLion

Cordon Noir Group in front of that concrete Hotel

......followed with that real Singapore Satay tasting at Lau Pa Sat, the old Market

Singapores SATAY....outstanding!!!


and now........ visit our Friend Cordon Noirian Poh
at his Swiss Tavern Restaurant

nice Time with Peter, Poh, future Buettgen Wife, Jahn, Urs, Dolly and myself

from back to front :
Peter Armitage, David Cheong, Poh, Allan, Jochen, Paul, Jan with Girlfriend, Urs, Ina & Sarah.

Pohs Swiss Tavern with Caviar, Salmon, Raclette and Fondue

Sarah , Urs Wife, Paul Henderson Executive Gourmet Scotland , Allan and David

What a Car...whoooooo

Peter like your Car, David ! Actually love to take it back to Australia....maybe next time.

last day with Poh in Singapore needs a little more beer for that memorie talk past 20 years

A Place just behind Tavern at Jalan Sultan Mohamed

perfect till 2 am with Poh, Dolly, Paul and Allan


16 – 21. June 2016 Bali, Indonesia

Prama Sanur-Beach Hotel 

Great, what a Welcome Surprise

Thanks for the outstanding welcome
Stefan Mueller our Cordon Noir Executive Gourmet for Indonesia

at Cordon Noirian Carlos in Nusa Dua

you dream of meat .... come on over to Carlos in Nusa Dua

Bill Bush and Stefan Muller .... look what the President do with the Plate?

I Cutting that Pig Spanish Style with a Plate
& break the Plate for Luck

...Hans cutting Western style with Carlos instruction!

Balinese Lovers at left: Stefani & Hans / Mawa, Dieter, Urs, Jochen, Bill, Stefan, Peter, Carlos, Berthold, Sue, Ina & Arcacia

Bill, Stefan, Peter, Mawa, Dieter, Urs, Carlos, Jochen, Berthold, Sue, Arcacia, Ina and Sarah
Thanks Carlos for the beautiful welcome dinner!

18. June we fly to Java, Indonesia

Borobudur the biggest Buddist Temple in the World , wounder of the world
Jogjakarta / Central Java , Indonesia

first stop after a 1 hour flight " Palast of Jogjakarta "

Sarah try that Royal Bell

Peter in Royal Javanese Head Gear

followed by a visit of the Royal Water Palast

Arcacia, Dieter, Dunia, Peter, Ina, Sarah, Urs, Jochen fronted by Tour Guide, Klaus, Sue & Berthold

down to the Undergroung Mosque

followed by Pet Market Visit

followed by a superb Lunch
Amanjiwo Hotel at the feet of Borobodur

and now

Sarah, Ina, Urs, Acrecia, Dieter, Peter, Dunia & Klaus
Berthold, Sue, Jochen & Dolly

We have seen you Borobodur, a real Word wounder !

Peter uses opportunity last chance purchase a real Solo Batik Shirt in Jokjakarta

return from Jogjakarta Dinner at Bamboo Ba
Nasi Goreng and for Peter that Birthday Cake 12 midnight

Happy Birthday Peter

19. June
Bali Sight Seen , lets turn the country 

Two Bus with Police Escort , no waste of time with that sirene!
Thanks to Carlos Wife Travel Organisation

the old vilage

Arcacia Coq fight

The Water Temple


Peters Birthday , cake presentation by Hotel Staff

outstanding Lunch at Amankila with Wine from Hans , Thanks 

Return to our superb Hotel after a beautiful Day !

remember the Bamboo Bar, our daily gathering spot

satey night 

dinner of the century
New Professional Gourmet Hans Durst starts cooking

and choosing the Caviar for our Cocktail with the Resort Executive Chef

Dinner Cocktail at my House

June, 20th 2016

the Garden clean up, the house need arranged, dancers and music ready to perform, cocktail food hot, champagne cool , Hans Durst ready  stand by serving the Caviar

Malaysian Tanjung Malin Sturgeon Farm Crue with Dato Ringo presented New Malaysian Caviar,
Thanks Cordon Noirian Dato Ringo & Aqua Culture Farmer 

Hans worked hard to be inducted at dinner to Cordon Noir, stand by Chef Mawa

Hans introduce to former German Consul Reinhold  / Stefan an Heiner

Cordon Noirian Sue love the Caviar

     Dieter enjoy that Champagne so me, Klaus, Dunia & Reinhold with Carlos at the back

Klaus and Dunia Stapmans

Reinhold Jantzen and Bill Bush

Legon Welcome Dance, a beautiful tradition

Amuse Bouche

Seared Tuna on Melon and Basil Gelée

Micro leaves, edible flower

Potpourri of Caviars
Traditional condiments

Bill and Henny Busch bone apetiet

Seared Scallop Ravioli

Curry – coconut emulsion


Chilled Vichyssoise

Potato pearls, baby cress

Welcome to Cordon Noir Hans Durst

President Jochen Kern, Executive Australia Peter Armitage, Executie Gourmet Indonesia Stefan Mueller, Executive Malasia Urs Allenspach

Indian Ocean Rock Lobster Medallions

Fired-roasted cherry tomato fondue, preserved fennel

Bali Pomelo Sorbet

Bedugul hills spear mint leafs

Grilled Turbot, Sturia Oscietra Caviar

Champagne Beurre Blanc, green asparagus tips

Valrhona Caraibe Dark Chocolate

Amaretto marinated dark cherries

Fine Pralines

Illy Coffe or Dilmah Tea

Air flown cheese selection

Dried figs, grapes, table crackers, roasted walnuts, bread selection 


Pictures of Menu Food taken by Chef Mawa

Thanks to the white and black brigad for the outstanding dinner


21 - 23. June 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Berjaya Times Square Hotel  

21. June 2016  Dinner KL TV Tower Restaurant by Dato Ringo                  

the best view over the whole Klang, Valley Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

Thanks Dato Ringo, at back, for the nice service  

Tuna loin and Seafood soup are followed by Buffet and finish with Durian Puff

Father with Son

Magnificant view onto Twin-towers

Thanks Cordon Noirian Dato Ringo

last Day 22. June 2016

Cordon Noir Chefs Table Dinner
at President Kitchen

      Berjaya University College School of Culinary Arts , Berjaya Times Square 



Sparkling wine
Mocktail and Cocktail


School Smoked Baltic Salmon
Pauls Smoked Tilapia on warm Rye Bread
Roasted Duck breast in Roti Jala wrapper

Pan seared Scallops in beef bacon
Pickled Herring in sour cream

 Many Chefs did not mean spoil the food , for sure super dinner !

Ingolf Sossna Executive Gourmet Penang, for you Cordon Noir have always a seat free

Doctor you see "white" have also by chefs special look like Dunia and Ina

Simon the Sturgeon is from your Farm !!!

Jeffrey and Emily you are ready for  Cordon Noir
Thanks for all that fantastic Vegetable and outstanding Oyster

to the kitchen you 35 Chefs for  "Chefs Table"
we waiting exited !!!

Thanks Peter Weiss , superb Caviar, finest Quality!

all sponsors at one Table : Paul:tilapia, Kenneth:wine selection, Mae:a superb kitchen

Andrew make a picture, when your son grow up  place him at our school, he would enjoy
special now since he have his own cordon noir chefs jacket !

Oyster Rockefeller accompanied by Chefs Band

thanks Chef Krishnan and Chef Vinson

Pigeon still Fly

flamed Mushroom for the Sturgeon

Welcome to Cordon Noir Professional Gourmet Jeffrey Lim & Emily Chong
by President Chef Jochen
presented here with the
Australian, Scottish and Malaysian Executive Gourmet

fresh Cherry .... I love it

Sweets, Cafe, Tea and Liquer at the Pastry

and not at least the give a way from Jeffrey and Emily a beautiful mixed Tomato 
from there Cameron Highland Farm 

Thanks visiting the "Asia Wave 2016"

Jochen Kern
Founder & President of Cordon Noir

since 1988
Thanks to our participating Cordon Noir Committee and Cordon Noirian Guests
without that "Asia Wave 2016" would not be possible !

Executive Gourmet for Australia Peter Armitage
Executive Gourmet Middle East Dieter Geiger
Executive Gourmet Malaysia Urs Allenspach
Executive Gourmet Shotland Paul Henderson
Executive Gourmet Indonesia Stefan Mueller
Executive Gourmet Penang Ingolf Sossna
Adviser &
Photographer Dolly Kern Liu