Like a lucky Dream
Jochen Kern

The Singapore adventure from 1996-1998

Leafing Malaysia was not an easy task , 5 Years is a long time ...if the first time such a long time !

Singapore the high tech country , rules and regulation all the way , security all the way and highly priced .Our apartment rental S$ 4000.00 per months, lucky that paid by the hotel. Never less - you don't have to worry about crime and provisorium ... shops offer only the best , housing complied new, transportation the best ..lucky no need for car purchase which in Singapore cost also minimum $ 100.000.00.
The beautiful hotel in Sentosa was top , the staff top ...maybe starting a little sterile but after a wile very comfortable. Dollies(my wife ) hometown , a happy return and hopefully for a little longer time. When I say Singapore was legal I mean great .

Frank my GM was a great companion which able you to achieve any task -just do it- and Patrick my F&B was familiar with my style from former working in Fiji.

This hotel was the champion on food cost which not fit in the frame of the lost paradise " Value for Money " concept- but other sides highly recognized and appreciated by the company chairman .

We implemented a breakfast with champagne and all the other expensive food like smoked salmon and Parma ham, Swiss yogurt , fresh squeezed juices , fresh assorted berries and so on. Happy customer and guest comments showed that we are on the right track, even the food cost increased a little.

New Banquet menus and new Team nights , more flexible menus and so on moved us in front of the competition. Singapore's and over sea business came and increased our banquet catering revenue innermost. Promotion like the Swiss Ski jumper world champs , the African and Turkey promotion kept the hotel in the Singapore activity sheet. Cordon Noir also enhanced the business and the O-Corner was a liked store for prime schnaps , raclette cheese and best caviar.

November 1996 was opening to our seafood restaurant Sharkey at Rasa Quay a overwhelming success after a mayor renovation by the owner.
After a year already one of the best in Singapore / quote by the gourmet magazine WINE & DINE.

Caviar was a reason of War attack from our financial controller to Frank . A Attack long pending in there Cat & Mouse relation.
That financial controller Pat was more then a pat she actually was a hotel devolution block , complained that the Caviar carried the same name like my club, which is possible if you understand that 200 members of cordon noir have the right to used the logo ( 200Member include 5 mayor caviar supplier world wide, for me nothing wrong even a sign of club quality which gives me pride) I got real headache with her- she don't know my clean way of business, I never took a cent from my company but I put a lot of money in... actually , I believe that a business which I work in is my own , my owner ship feeling for that business is more real then to my self. Marketing never pay me one cent for all that business I made by spending during pub meetings which I never ask for but my pride to That( my ) business or my t shirts for Guests - or that Singapore ashtrays - or some dinner invitation - or that sun jel spread on overcooked bodies by my pool side inspection, or some faxes - or my over sea connection calls - or even halve priced Caviar through connection for that best beluga caviar in the world. Circa 100 Rooms sold only through that . She don't know and I was forced to purchase double priced but halve Quality pasteurized Caviar.

But what she know ? - She must have a tuff life in here family or previous live with gangsters and croock while she gave up trust to an executive chef , Senior department head, who was more interested in the food cost with happy customer then to been a croock . Don't blame her also she must actually have a little bit good thinks in here, no body is complied lousy says god.

A little sneaky at that time was also the chocolate story. Chocolate bars request from my GM and F&B for our mini bar room sales, order by me after consulting my boss and comparing quality and price without involvement of the not so fast moving purchase manger, crashed again with financial controller Pat . Arguments made me take over the whole delivery . First delivery was a present from me ,Executive Chef to the Staff ,at the Staff Canteen. A face down for the finical controller . No more discussion and repay to me emidiet after that lunch. But I learned that these here in Singapore is a very sensitive issue which was handled a few years ago with resignation on three key employee.We never learn finish in this life! We still believe that we are better or higher powered in our position.
Age, knowledge, feelings, professionalism is only personal and don't change procidures here in Singapore where every body is the same in front of god , the law and the financial controler.

No beer for the chef's office like in Rasa Sayang in Penang or all Hotels I worked previous .It made me to change recipes like onion soup & suckling pig for that German night cooked now with beer or the fantastic sharky dressing personal created by me with base of the beautiful TIGER BEER was an fantastic beer solution for that kitchen, chef's office or better spoken German Chef
-my self-

12-14 hour work daily should normally include a refreshing drop at night

You may wonder 12-14 hour why ? Well you start in the morning at 8.30 , afternoon no way to take a break, the way the Island Sentosa were the Resort are located , is to far and complicated to make a rest at home with an hour sleep like used to be. Finish at night 10.00 or 11.00 brings you the perfect count of hours daily work.

The Monday off was a really need.

that Monday was Sport , 3 hour Tennis with Chris and Fisal from Pasir Panjang Village, makan and a lot minuman .

After the first year came a shock- our cowboy in Hong Kong moved my GM Frank to Penang's Golden Sands Resort and Fritz from Penang came over to Singapore , two GM under shock - moving with out family but the cowboy in Hong Kong don't care any how , Fritz stayed in Singapore for more then three months with the family of Frank and Frank stayed in Penang with the family of Fritz (Natural -not together).

Smart cow boys with the macho style of Marlboro- happy gm's ? for sure not !

Frank resigned from the company in July and Fritz left following February.

Great achievement -well done - you heads of a super Company! Don't tell me this loyal serving manager are all lousy worker, after years with the company - you don't tell me that you need 5 years or more to crystallizes capability ? Sad ! Maybe you think to much on politic and your own loving gang ,which you believe in, but trust my human knowledge and experience there never guaranty your survival there only increase your senseless audience , really sense less ?

I got my permanent residence and life changed a little to a Singaporean way.The first the Salary cut or better spoken CPF adjustment-then the new third management approach !

Replacement of Fritz was that Adolf Hitler style Chef Killer --e, a Sarawakian Australian Asian- a man with an overstrategic transformation of work, a smartly work-delegate with dictatorial ability in humiliation and for sure with high blood pressure-otherwise would his behavior not explainable!

<-his left hand-> poor follower and strategic destroyer , that other non professional !

The little boy Nasi Puti was only one of the forced but loving followers of that Tycon which also got direct force and the heart of Mama lockero . Even the Tycon checked here back(office) at night time- she followed him like following a god and changed to get a canning , we say "smiling tiger" to such a person where no more private personality exist and the knowledge barrier forced to just taken commands over or better spoken accepting what given - like a psychological bondage game. Hopefully you two will not die with that small non professional joker, it would be a shame since you showed the first weeks before --e arrival that you are actually can be better . Maybe you call that flexibility or unbelievable challenge for your non professional knowledge? Who knows when he let you go , for sure after the first argument.

my winning team "best food establishment" at the food& hotel Asia 1998
what for a fantastic team, the first time winner>>> over all<<<.

Previous to that artificial power given he should train you , Nasi Putih, diplomatic , your big talks crucify business like the enormous loss of our VIP's with an half year Presidential suite booking . If you don't open your big mouth two months ago about the different categories on golden circle member and showed that there are higher classes available , that Couple would not leave our resort and moved to Ritz Carlton. "Just boys talk" which cost a lot money , great ! --e standing behind you any how , never mind let them go if there don't like it here -loss maybe S$500.000 -why ?

Can you not learn the first and then make --e's great way of business.

Golden Circle any how is a very disturbing solution for guest recognition. My friends visit the last year our resort felt all the time that there are second class , by check in already seeing that marvel stone for golden circle check in at the front desk counter . What is that - SORRY that is a special recognition for VIP choosen from our head office.

Funny that even by so simple procedure that feeling or diplomacy approach is non professional handled! It would also me - as a customer pee off , I am VIP - I pay here! I behave like a guest and so must you behave like a host or I go some were else.

Why can this special Golden Circle Club recognition not been kept a little secret ..individual room check-in would eliminate that competition sign at the front desk and for sure would keep the feeling of all customer satisfy. Given VIP the wish to be and how we like better love to treat them !

In these final three months was the hotel screw , my staff starting to resign - the food cost increased after that great open staff speech from --e with explanation that a 40 % food cost would be just right but on the other side a 29% budgeted and owner aproved . Promises and complimentary gifts to customer taking overhand , the staff worked like animals and only the boss was not happy. Financial loss to promised budget to the owner, non professional creating of a no win situation...why?

Changes every day - changes without proper delegation gave the absolute knock , for me sure an finish in that paradise resort.
I can not be a part of a break down system like that, my age and pride force me to resign ! There would be no more time & chance after that to stay at five star hotel and for sure I would get a part blame which I am not willing to take !

My pride and feeling turns very bet, after 9 years and three months leafing this beloved company because two incompitent non-professionals - why ?

How come ? What for an lousy way where we talk about principles and leadership if the top don't have any of it .

The way this --e sees business is different and complied flexibility without standard and maybe without profit and with the only focus on happy customer. That the way he do business, happy ? Maybe? But if you pull guest wishes out of the nose you may better open haven like the social institution's . Free off charge is not a way to make business, free of charge is for sure no guaranty on survival ! --e at start don't thing like me but two months later change all his toughs and starts cutting, change his words and runs radical the opposite way to surviv alone . He sees that every guest comment or wish is a change & every fantasy is a change is not the way the company does business , danger and now already after three months all that cut - a low food cost again ! A joke - no a horrible true created in the most non professional manner . A real scenario of how to- not to do- ! Now every believer have to suffer , maybe even leave ...pure little nasi putih and mama lokero, why you trust a banana blindly and maybe when you ask him he will answer .............why you do things like that? I believed in your professionalism which you not have yet .I bet that two amo srew is innermost satisfaction for --e?

Good luck you at that paradise , hopefully there are not to many heads rolling for that --nothing!

A great experience in seen that blind trust by a company - no vision of involvement at the top give chances to non professional individuals - for sure great speaker but lousy operator.

The only profit- the case can maybe at a later stage be used as a sample for an scenario of NO-NOS.


some names in this chapter are changed , to whipe them in fastest time from my memories!

Sharkie's special Recipe

lobster brain / Otah Otah Udang Naga

mince raw Lobster meat to a fine mousse, season with tomato ketchup, chilly sauce, white pepper, salt, garlic, fresh ginger, fresh red chilly. fold with tick coconutmilk. stuff in grilled banana leaf, steam , cool down and grill.

serve with chilly sauce and acar
that indonesian sweet vegetables pickles made with diced pineapple, onion, capsicum, whole garlic, red cilly and cucumber. marinate in vinegar, salt, sugar syrup and water. keep for 2 hours cool and serve as refreshing suplemnt to the spicy Otah Oah


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