Historical Cordon Noir Picture Page
by Dolly

Hong Kong host visitor from Trinidat Tobago

A German Cordon Noir With Ernst Ulrich Schassberger

Malaysia Langkawi

Indian Summer 2005 Mumbay

Welcome Friends at the InterContinental Pool Side

Stefan Rossmann and Berthold Jungwirt enjoy the tropical Night at InterContinetal The Grand Poolside

enjoy a beer , Meike, Berthol and Sue

Joanne at a chat with the Chef Antonio

Madam Werdeling with Meike Werdelin.......Family Gathering in Mumbai

Rudolf Muller with Stefan Rossmann

Richard and Joann Monaghan

Berthold and Sue Jungwirt

Wolfgang Sauer with Dolly Kern

General Manager of The InterContinental The Grand Mumbai
Heiner Werdeling with Wife

next morning seen the treassures of Mumbai

Chefs Table

John Sloane cooking for Cordon Noir at IC Kitchen

John Sloane join Cordon Noir
after a superb dinner Chefs Table

and now readdy for final Cordon Noir Dinner

Stefan Riding that huge Elephant

Hermann Werdeling joinCordon Noir

Thank you Inter Continental the Grand  for a wounderfull Indian Week in Mmbai

Andrew, Charmaine and Evelin enjoy Champagne in the Fridge

Great Service Paul for Mac Saw at the Grand Intercontinental Chefs Table

That Memorial Picture after the Cordon Noir Dinner at Mumbai InterContinental The Grand
from left to right back: Heiner Werdeling, Hermann Werdeling, Jochen Kern, Stean Rossmann,John Sloane, Wolfgang Sauer
front line: Joanne Monaghan, Dolly Kern, Richard Monaghan, Thomas Kassemek, Rudolf Muller

the last night in Mumbai / India  thanks Cordon Noirian for your Visit!
a beautiful final for me finishing 2 years Bombay ! Thank you India treaten me so well........

...............Dolly and my-self Moving from India to Malaysia!

1st Malaysian Cordo Noir Christmas at Equatorial KL after my move from Mumbai

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