20-27 July 2014 Kampuchea

Seven Nights in the Kingdom of Wonder

Photos by Dolly

2 & 2 Nights Raffles RLR - Phnom Penh

Welcome to Cambodia
our 26 year Cordon Noir journey

Paul Henderson and Peter Armitage arrive at Phnom Penh Airport

welcome Janet and Friend, Arcacia and Dieter Geiger

Peter Armitage, myself Paul and our Host Chef Mawa at Phom Penh Raffles Hotel

Sue & Berthold Jungwirt

Tuol Sleng School
Visiting the School which changed 75 to Killing and Investigation Center 21 by Khmer Rouge now
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum,
reminder to 17000 to 20000
peoples killed between 1975 to 1979 
realy gives you the feeling of horror!



The Last Survivor Tuol Sleng School with Peter & Mawa

with Berthold at our Phnom Penh Taxi to the King Palast

Arcacia and Dieter Geiger posing in the King Palast




The Phnom Penh National Museum

Map of the former Khmer Empire reaching down to Malaysia

followed by Visiting the Central Market 


yes also Cambodian need rest

Main Market Hall , full with silver crafts and treasures stones


Welcome Dinner at Raffles Le Royal Hotel

Transfer to Siem Reap, 7 Hour by Bus with Stops......

3 Nights  Raffles RGA - Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Build 12 century 900 years ago, first Hindu followed by Buddhist believing 
present a Magnificent
Display of Art







Cultural Dinner

Night Live in Siem Reap  at PUB Street

nexy morning 4.30am Angkor Wat, so much to see....

the Stadium of Angkor Wrat

Return, Phnom Penh arrival


that wurmy Outing " SILK "

Going to Phom Penh Silk Farm

25th July 2014    40  Anniversary Wedding Cocktail


Cordon Noir Gala Night


26th July Cordon Noir Gala Menu

myself with Mawa Cambodia, Sigi Steindel Vietnam , Paul Henderson Scotland, Carlos and Dewa from Bali

3 Ladies ready for Dinner

from right

Stefan Muller from Bali, Alessandro Haab from Bangkok, Siegfried Steidel from Vietnam,

Berthold and Sue Jungwirt from Penang

Hans Durst from Johor, myself, Peter Armitge from Australia and Paul Henderson from Scotland

welcome speech to Cordon Noir Gala

Caviars : Sturia Osietra, Arctic Golden, Astana Malossol, Jubilleynaya Malossol, Salmon and Trout

Welcome Arcacia, Yi Wooi Tan Geiger to Cordon Noir

New Executive Gourmet for Cambodia I Mawa and Arcacia with Cordon Noir Presentation Committee

Peter Armitage address Dolly and myself 40 Years Wedding
Thanks for that beautiful Memorandum Silver Bowl

Thank you to the outstanding Service and Chefs Brigade


Executive Gourmet Cambodia I Mawa, Executive Gormet Scotlnd Paul Henderson, Executive Gourmet Egypt Dieter Geiger, Allessandro Haab from Thailand, Arcacia from Malaysia, Myself, Exective Gourmet Australia Peter Armitage , Executive Gourmet Indonesia Stefan Muller, Sue and Berthold Jungwirt Peanang, Carlos Vintas Bali and Presidental Adviser Dolly Malaysia

finaly some Links from Chef Mawa Youtube Documentation 














Thanks Executive Gourmet For Cambodia Chef Mawa

Dear Friends

Thank you for shearing a beautiful week in Cambodia

I hope you enjoyed the 2014 Journey

all the best, see you 2015

Jochen Kern

President Cordon Noir

all Photos by Dolly
webmaster Jochen