Cordon Noir Hong Kong  2015

Hong Kong Sky Line


Stanley........ also Hong Kong

followed by a night at

Thanks Eddy for your superb Dinner at your Studio in Aberdeen


HOFEX again outstanding
900 Chefs cooking 4 days an innermost pleasure to be part , thanks Rudolf

100 Judges and CountryRepresentatives


Disneyland Cordon Noir
Bus Arrival

Cocktail starts with Caviar, Vodka, Champagne, Balic Salmon and Spanish Iberico Ham
"a dream to nipple"

our Friends from Singapore

Hong Kong, Bali, Australia, Taiwan, Hawaii, 

Germany and Switzerland inclusive Martin

Norway and Japan

with Stars like Otto and Allan,  David and Peter

Billy, Tony, Stafford, Guest & Kurt von Buren ..... 
all enjoy that pure fantastic Cocktail

Greg Walker with Vincen Tan 

Spanish Caviar Introduction by Cordon Noirian Oliver Clive Win

followed by Cordon Noir Dinner

KK Yau with Mark, Kurt and Dominique with Student , Ian Perkin from Down Under overlooking our new Korean Frinds 

John Sloane with Wife, Oliver and Wife and our Polish and HK friends

Rudolf in Swiss company, Mr Duboise and Anita next to Hawaiian Chef with Stefan Mueller and Vincent Tan

a simple Goldfish the Glass , outstanding Dumpling looking real!

Carlos with Allan enjoy

Beppy & friends from Malakka with Wifes standing behind David Cheong and Perter Armitage for this Groupshot
right Picture : Tony Chang, Allan Palmer and Erich Kotz

Happy  Friends next to Berthold Jungwirt and  Wife Sue from Penang

looking great and feeling great Chefs next table a Professional American Trio Discussion

Chef Mueller, Dubois and Cordon Noirian Angelo Mc Donnell

Right : Otto Weibel and John Sloane in WACS Discussion

Thanks by the President to the Brigade for a outstanding Dinner with highest quality and tastes

Induction  by Cordon Noir President and Founder Jochen Kern, Vice President Rudolf Muller, Senior Member David Cheong &
Australian Executive Gourmet
Peter Armitage
to Chef Gardemanger from Disneyhotel in Hong Kong, Professional  Gourmet Kwong Win Sun (Sunny)

standing backlane:  Cordon Noirian Rudolf Muller, Tony Chang, David Cheong, Peter Armitage, Stefan Mueller, Angelo Mac Donnell, Carlos, Oliver Clive Win, Jochen Kern, Frank Naesheim,John Sloane, Greg Walker, Berthold & Sue Jungwirt 
and front Lane black suit with his brigade Mak Kam Kui and with Diploma new Cordon Noirian Kwong Win Sun

Thanks David Cheong for sponsor that superb Win Sin Chocolate, personal carried by hand from Singapore!

a final picture by departure of Allan , Dolly , Rudolf and Mark in front of Disneyland Ballroom

Thank you Vice President Rudolf Muller for the beautiful Week