Cordon Noir Langkawi 13. November 2010

Cordon Noir Induction Dinner at "L'Osteria"
Pantai Tengah


Created & Cooked by Chef Lorenzo Zecubi


The final Picture after introduction

J.J.Graf, Marius Bogard, Wolfgang Sauer, Chef Lorenzo, Paul Henderson, Peter F. Sprenger, Franz Nickel, Johnni, Urs Allensbach,

Suzanna R, Sprenger-Ibrahim, Dolly and my self

New members introduced to Cordon Noir Gourmet Club on this evening
are :
1.    Chef Lorenzo Zecubi ( professional member )
2.    Mr. Marius Bogard ( owner of "The Brasserie " at Pantai Cenang and business partner of Lorenzo )
as well as our Hotel hosts of the "Villa Molek" - pictures and info at: 
3.    Mrs. Suzanna R. Sprenger - Awang 
4.    Mr. Peter F. Sprenger



a Night at the beautiful Villa Molek from Suzanna and Peter Sprenger



20 Anniversary of the Beachgarden Resort by Wolfgang Sauer


Thank You Wolfgang Sauer
who made it all possible !!!

what a superb Langkawi Weekend with all our friends and Cordon Noirian



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