Austrian Night in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Chalet Suisse Restaurant


08th January 2016

Host Executive Gourmet for Malaysia Urs Allenspach

the new member Chef Peter-Markus Goeller from Austria & Chef Che Chi Hwa from Malaysia preparing the Dinner

the infamoust Servietten Knoedel

Table and Give a ways are presented

Cordon Noir Executive Gourmet from Scotland Paul Henderson right wih friends

Left: Executive Gourmet Malysia Urs Allenspach (3rd from right)
and the service crue with Johann, the Austrian Ambassador and Franz

Beauty and the Chalet Suisse Boss, Manfred Faehndrch with Gaest at the right Photo

Franz in Orginal Austrian Dress with Urs and Guest

Nice to have you there Luswig and Marc

The whole Family Chef Goeller with Family

Caviar service, yes I know there was no Sturgeon Caviar but Pike, Salmon and Trout Caviar permitted by Cordon Noir
for Establishments who can not get any Sturgeon Caviar, substitute accepted!

Chef the smoked Trout Tartar with Apple was superb!

Beef broth and fried Cod was superb Austrian

The Ladies Ready to serve that outstanding Beefsteak Esterhazy

Boss of Chalet Suisse with Company

Very nice Music Entertainment by Guitar Player

Semolina Dessert finish the dinner

Thank you Chef Chew Chi Hwa and Markus Goeller
and Welcome to Cordon Noir

two Chefs here complied with Christophe Ceska the Amassador of Austria to Malysia

Welcome  and ThankYou here from the Chalet Suisse in Kuala Lumpur

Ladies Thanks for the great Service

........and here the whole Gang of  9 Cordon Noirian
Berni Schobert, Manfred Faehndrich, Paul Henderson, Kim Hyun Ok, Jochen Kern,
Hans Bohi, Urs Allenspach, Franz Nickl, Berthold Jungwirt........

......see you all in Chiang Mai, Thailand March 2016

Webmaster Jochen Kern
Pictures by Dolly