Cordon Noir Bangkok September 2012


Chef S. Mohd.Shaik Ibrahim with Wife  & Chef Choong Siew Lee

Photo taking from Siam Niramit Web since Cameras not permitted at show

and after that fantastic show ........................Singha Beer

Day 2 following streets between  Salt fields .................... the floating Market

nice that cold Beer from a Sampan ....welcome........

or some bath to cool down..................

passing a Fish sauce Factory...

Berthold & Sue at the boat for Lunch to the Fish market : but not by boat

Flower Crabs, Fish, Prawns, Clams ++++

fermented Fishpaste

Salt Crust Perch , Prawns and all the other Seafood ready to be eaten

spicy Clams and grilled Sea snail......................

Evening to ESCA bistro for Cordon Nair Dinner

JJ, Marco , Kurt and Executive Gourmet for Thailand Andy Mannhart

Urs Allensbach with Family and Wolfgang Sauer with Alexandro at the Cocktail

Nikolaj Lenz cooking his part of the Dinner

beautiful Korean Caviar testing with VP Rudolf Muller and Alexandro

Paul Henderson and Berthold Jungwirt with Wife (center)

Tzar Caviar presented by VP Rudolf Muller and Alexandro

Shaik & Wife, Dolly, Rudolf and Alexandro

Urs, Marco and my self

Allan, Mira , Allans Wife and Andy Mannhart Wife

Tony plating the Tomato Consumme

Tony Chih Teng Chang preparing Foie Gras

Cheese Ice Cream with Caviar

Linguine with flaky Cod fish and Caviar

Induction was carried out by
Jochen Kern, President and Founder of Cordon Noir

Vice President Rudolf Muller
Executive Gourmet for Thailand Andy Mannhart

Wayne McLean and Nikolaj receiving the Cordon Noir Medal and Membership

Erick Rene Marie Paul and ESCA owner Tony Dhiranusornkit receiving the Membership

Tony smiles after receiving the Membership

Marco Bruschweiler recieve the Executive Gourmet Promotion for Thailand

Restaurant Manager Miau receive the Cordon Noir Restaurant Plaque

Tony Taiwanaise Chefs for that Souvenier Picture

Congratulation ESCA and Thank you for a superb evening

photos by Dolly
webmaster Jochen