Australian Cordon Noir >>>>> Caviar Master - Class

On 24 February 2020 Peter Armitage and Tony Rogalsky conducted another Caviar Masterclass, in conjunction with a luncheon, for 24 ladies and gentlemen at The Danish Club in their home city of Melbourne.

Tony supplied three types of caviar, Baeri (Siberian), Oscietra and Beluga along with the mother of pearl spoons. The caviar brand was Giaveri from Northern Italy.

The guests were served 4 grm caviar each of three ways, the baeri on the fist, the oscietra on the spoon and the beluga on Danish Rye. Peter gave instructions on how best to enjoy the tasting and encouraged guests to accompany the caviar with separate sips of akvavit and sparkling brut. At the conclusion of the tasting there was animated discussion about the preference for akvavit or sparkling brut and the merits of each of the caviar serving styles.  Akvavit was the winner of "drink of choice" and the oscietra was judged best caviar for its firm eggs and nutty flavour.

The Chef included some “caviar” on top of the Gravad laks which, on inspection of the label on the jar, turned out to be pieces of herring coloured with squid ink. This led to some interesting conversation. Peter gave a wide ranging talk covering Sturgeon species, changes of production from wild to farmed, geographic spread of production, changes in harvesting methods, production quantities, quality controls and his view on supply and prices.

The luncheon was judged a huge success with many attendees asking for more details on caviar purchase and others commenting that they previously had no idea of the ritual, complexity and industry of caviar.


Peter Armitage

Executive Gourmet Australia

February 2020