Thailand January 2018




Asien Exhibition Services invited

The Menu designed by Them

All those Caviar’s are served

Chef Marco explains about Cordon Noir club, why?

All the Good looking Ladies

Amuse Geule with Red Mullet Roe and Tsar caviar

Chicken Pomelo Salad with Royal Oscietra

Giant Squid Skewers with

Trout Caviar

David serves his Buddies

Mushroom Soup with Black Lumpfish

David Cheers me up in the kitchen

Guava Sherbet with Red Lumpfish

Lamb Chops & Sweetbread

Two real Scot’s

Rob, Marco & David and

The proud new members

Coffee Muffins, Fruit Compote Coconut Ice Cream

Myself with the Ladies

The whole happy Crowd

Only Boys this time

Me and the new members

Enjoying the Event

 Executive Gourmet Thailand Marco Brueschweiler

On the ocassion of becoming a new member David Aitkens MD of Asian Eshibition Services invited some Business partners and frieds to he’s residency in bangkok for this dinner. We were a small crowd of 12 persons including me and my Wife, that took as usual all the lovely pictures for the website, We started with some sparkling wine, than had a great chat and then continue the meal as shown in the pictures, all enjoyed the food and especialy the good amount of caviar that we served. Later on the scot’s start to drink their favorite whiskey which I had to decline as I had to drive home, and the Thai Police in the meantime is quiet strickt with alcohol!! I would like David and he’s staff, to host this event and we are looking forward to another Caviar Dinner in the near future here in Bangkok, as some of the attendees were interested to become members. Also a big thank’s to my wife Chitthip for looking after all of us and taking the lovey pictures.