14. JUNE 2019, Bangna, Bangkok

To the occasion of 2 new members, Chef Theerapat and Robert Simpson Leonard this Dinner was hold once again at My Culinary Education center, with a small crowd of 12 persons, and a huge Supporting team of 7 in Kitchen and service, to ensure all food was prepared, fresh and hot and with a great presentation, the Service girls very very tentative and great, tried to feel the guests to be in a 3 star restaurant. Thanks so much Chef Are for the great food, service and experience for all of us, a great job well done.

We have had some Caviars sponsored by our member Thierry Saey, which is a consultant for Giaveri Caviar farms from Italy for the Asian region, I big thank you to Thierry and Hannes Landolt for the additional Danube Caviar and great wines for that dinner, we all love it, some of them even too much, so that I guess they have had a bad morning after the dinner, especially the native English speaking guests!!

Thanks again to all of you that made this another memorable Caviar Dinner in Thailand.

Kitchen Briefing

only fresh products and and and CAVIAR

Chef Are and all the Guest

Foie Gras Pate with Onion Jam

the Kitchen Team

Amuse Buches                           Cold Appetizer

Beef Consomme

Apple-Rosemary Sherbet

our  Perfect Lamb Wellington

fried Camenber                                       Thai-Western Dessert

Certificate for Professional Gourmet Chef Are

Certificate  for Robert                                                    Awards for the Girls

all Guest

All Members

by Executive Gourmet for Thailand Marco Brueschweiler