Bangkok ,  Thailand



Another successfully Caviar Dinner was held at my residence in Bangkok last Saturday with 12 great guest and friends that has enjoyed the dinner Composed by Chef Kurt Pozzato and Marco as he’s Commis to support the heavy task of serving all items precociously cooked and hot to the illustrate guests that had attended this evening.


The menu contended an 8 Course Meal with all, except the lamb, was served with different Caviars and Fish Roe perfectly combined


Dinner Briefing by Executive Gourmet Marco Brueschweiler and Kurt Pozzato , the Menu briefing by Marco at that beautiful Table

We have had 4 Cordon Noirean that has attended this event, such as HE Swiss Ambassadress to Thailand Christine-Schraner-Burgener, Hannes Landolt and he’s lovely wife, Alessandro Haab and he’s Partner and my wife and me as the host of the event.


As a guest of honor the ambassadress was asked by Chef Alessandro to top of a Bottle of Champagne with a sword, whit she did with bravoes.

Champagne Top Off by HE Swiss Ambassadress to Thailand Christine-Schraner-Burgener and  Alexander Haab , Cocktail

Amuse Geules                                                  Bloddy Mary Gratinee                                                    Potato Blini with Caviar

Then the meal was served with farmed French Sevruga Caviar, and the Oscietra Caviar which is farmed on the highest hill in Thailand on about 2000 Meter above sea-level, and some trout, Lumpfish and molecular caviar made form mackerel meat.


Snow Fish in Saffron Sauce                                                             Funghi Cappucchino                                                Roast Lamb Rack Polenta  

 Unfortunately Chef Eric roos could in the last minutes not attend to produce a great dessert, due to some urgent businesses in Cambodia, we missed him a lot and hope he will be able to produce he’s choice of dessert in one of the next CN dinners

    sweet sensation                                                                                                                     Hannes Landolt with Ladies            Marco Brueschweiler with Chitthip & K.Fon


See attached some pictures of the event,


Prepared by Cordon Noir Executive Gourmet for Thailand Chef Marco & photos by Khun Chitthip